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Why Self Storage is a World Traveller’s Best Friend

As international travel becomes more accessible, many people are travelling more frequently, both for work and for leisure. While travelling for long periods of time is exciting, it can also mean a lot of organisation and preparation; not to mention stress.

To help with that, here’s a list of clever ways experienced travellers use their self storage units for convenience when they travel.


Smart ways Jetsetters use self-storage:

Make money while you travel

Thanks to companies like AirBnb, you can now rent out your home, apartment or room while you travel. It’s become extremely easy and safe to rent out your living space while you’re away, even if it’s only for a few days at a time.

Simply register your space on AirBnb and list the days it’ll be available. You should then place any personal items in your storage unit, relax, and enjoy the feeling of knowing your holiday is earning you money!


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Top Decor Tips for Downsizers

How to prepare for your downsize:

You never realise just how many things you have until you have to move house – especially if the house you’re moving into is a smaller one.

While downsizing can be a decor challenge, it can also be a great opportunity. By getting rid of some of your old clutter you can free up your space and finally do that spring clean you’ve been thinking about for ages.

In fact, if you do it right you can make your smaller space feel larger than your old one!

Follow the steps below to learn how to organise, declutter and decorate your new home to make it look and feel twice the size.


How to declutter (without throwing things away):

Downsizing does mean you’ll have to whittle down the list of things to take with you. However, it does not mean you have to throw cherished or useful items away.

Self-storage, sale and donations are all great options which don’t have to end with things you once loved in the bin. Send them on to a new home (or store them away from yours) for instant decluttering that doesn’t pull on the heartstrings.

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Wine Storage Available at Kennards Self Storage in Wellington

Kennards Wine Cellar 4With the successful completion of the new enterprise space units at Wellington, new exterior building painting and office refurbishment with new box shop, we now also have a dedicated climate controlled room for wine storage.

Kennards wine storage first arrived at our Mt Eden facility in Auckland and has been a considerable success, so it was a natural progression to create a wine cellar at our Wellington facility where many serious wine collectors reside.

Kennards Wine Cellars provide the ideal climate for any wine collector regardless of how much wine you have with a range of sizes from 12 cases right up to 200 cases so everyone is covered. Your wine cellar locker is private and accessible only by yourself and for added benefit the unit is alarmed.

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Drink Up Aucklanders – Kennards Wine storage in Mt Eden Getting Very Full.

Kennards Wine Storage MtEdenJune2013 (18)Anyone familiar with Auckland weather would say, “we can have four seasons in one day”.

While that may be great if the day starts off a bit rainy and we get sun shine later, however for our precious wine collection, sudden and large temperature changes are not good for any wine. To keep your wine at an optimum condition and to even prevent becoming undrinkable, wine prefers a steady constant temperature – something that is a challenge with Auckland weather! (and before you think otherwise, I am not sledging Aucklanders because I am one!)

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Micro Business Spaces Now Available For Budding Wellington Entrepreneurs

Kennards Self Storage WellingtonKennards Self Storage has expanded its very popular business storage solution known as Enterprise Spaces at its Wellington storage centre.

The spaces are very popular for new, emerging and micro businesses due to the low entry cost and amazing flexibility. In contrast to typical commercial leases Kennards do not impose personal guarantees, onerous lease term or security bonds. In addition, there are no legal fees.

The low start-up cost means businesses can start operating without dead weight cost of leasing.

Further, as there is no fixed lease it means that customers can upsize, downsize or vacate without notice and without penalty. This means the business rental costs can fluctuate according demand or season.

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Helping Fiji With The Aftermath Of Cyclone Winston

Fiji Disaster Relief Kamill Lakshman

In light of the recent devastation in Fiji from Cyclone Winston, Kamil Lakshman a Wellington Lawyer has launched an appeal for goods to be donated and shipped to Fiji to help the residents that have been affected.

Kamil approached our Wellington Storage Centre asking for Kennards boxes to pack the donated goods in, which we gladly obliged, donating 60 boxes.

On March 12th a full shipping container of donated goods will make its way to Fiji.

To learn more go here

Packing for storage: 10 genius tricks everyone should know

Whether you’re moving house, going abroad or just uncluttering your home, packing your items for storage should be quick, easy and stress-free. To help make this a reality for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 genius packing hacks that everyone should know. Commit these to memory and make packing a breeze!



Storage Trick 1: Electronics

Michael Coté

If you plan on storing items such as TVs, stereos or computers, take a quick snapshot of the cables before you unplug them.

That way you’ll be able to reconnect them exactly as they were, without trouble, when you need to use the appliance again. You can take a picture on your phone, or – better yet – take a Polaroid and tape it to the item while it’s in storage. That way you won’t lose it or delete it by mistake.

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Less is more: How to transform your home by utilising your storage space


You’ve bought the same rug, installed the same shutters, arranged the same furniture and even got the same flowers, but somehow, somehow your lounge just doesn’t look like the one in the magazine. What is that?

According to the experts, it’s the space in between. What the professionals know, but most others don’t, is that when it comes to interior decorating, what isn’t there can actually be more important than the stuff that is.

That’s because – according to the journal of neuroscience – our minds still register every item that our eyes see (be it that pile of post or those mismatched picture frames), and seeing a room full of items gives us the subconscious impression of disorder. A room with space, however, sends less signals to the eyes and brain which in turn trigger feelings of stability, order and calm.

Thankfully, executing this in your own home is relatively simple, very cheap and doesn’t even have to involve throwing things out. Here are 5 brilliant ways to get clear the clutter and transform the look of your home.

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Kennards Parcel Pick Up And Drop Off Concierge At Your Service!

Kennards Self Storage HastingsOctober2013 (2)

Hey storers, this is one of those “Did you know” moments – One of the benefits of renting a storage unit at Kennards Self Storage, is our parcel drop off / pick up service located at all of our centres. It allows you to have items sent by courier addressed to you delivered to the site or you can even leave items for a courier to be picked up. We even offer an SMS alert system to let you know when a parcel has arrived for you to move into your storage unit.

A big advantage of this service is being able to buy items online and have them addressed to the physical location of the storage centre – which is better than having those valuable items left on the front door or getting that annoying card from the courier to take your parcel down to their depot located somewhere out of the way with inconvenient hours. Then all you need to do is visit your storage centre and pick up your item from the parcel pick up/ drop off area and put them into your storage unit or take them home.

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Storage Tips & Tricks: A guide to storing items which need a little extra care

Putting your belongings into storage is a no-brainer if you’re going away or don’t use them very often. In most instances this process is as easy as pack ‘n go, however, there are a few special cases where you may need to do a little preparation first.

Below is a list of things which need extra TLC if you plan to leave them in storage for an extended period of time.

How To Store your Vehicle


Storage is the ideal place to keep your beauty safe, but doing a bit of prep beforehand will ensure she stays in top condition while you’re away.

•Renew your registration as it might expire while the car is in storage – an issue if you want to drive the car home. You can do it online here.

•Change brake fluid and oil to ensure that it is free of any sediment which may settle during storage.

•Empty your petrol tank as volatile chemicals are unsafe to store and may void your insurance policy.

•Lubricate the hinges on the doors, bonnet and boot to prevent them from seizing shut while in storage.

•Disconnect the battery

•Don’t use the handbrake (rather use chocks) as handbrakes can seize shut in old cars.

•‘Flat spots’ form on tires if the car is left standing too long. If you plan on storing the car for an extended period of time you might want to replace the tires with old ones or leave the car elevated on a jack.

•Place paper or plastic under the windscreen wipers to prevent the rubber from sticking to the glass.

•Have the interior dry cleaned and ensure that the car is tidy and dry

•Leave the windows open a crack to allow any odors to escape

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