Company Culture Survey Results

Culture Survey Results

Since 1998 Kennards has been committed to measuring Company Culture every year using the Organisational Cultural Inventory (OCI). Fostering a constructive culture enables our people to enjoy their work and perform at their best, by reducing Aggressive and Passive Defensive Behavioural Styles.

Our latest OCI Results indicate a strong Constructive culture within Kennards Self Storage.

Constructive Styles Being:

Humanistic & Encouraging - where people are expected to help others learn and develop offer encouragement and resolve conflict constructively.

Self-Actualising - where work is seen as enjoyable, ideas are communicated and people maintain their integrity.

Affiliative - illustrated by people being open and warm, use good interpersonal skills and show concern.

Achievement - style which has an expectation for people to achieve self set goals, pursue high standards and work for sense of accomplishment.

The latest Culture Survey Circumplex: