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We love lockers. What’s better than your own lock ‘n go space where you can store whatever you need? 

Our locker storage is bigger than you think, Kennards’ lockers are typically 1 cubic metre (1m x 1m x1m): that is 1,000 litre volume capacity and a lot of space to store your stuff. Whether it’s items you’d rather not have around the house, important documents you don’t want to lose, collections you want to keep or just a stack of items that need looking after while you’re away, Kennards locker storage is simple and economical convenient solution.

With most centres giving 24/7 access to your goods, so you can check on your locker as often or as little as you like, which makes them perfect for seasonal gear, luggage, books, records, students and backpackers. No longer just for high schoolers, a locker is the ultimate answer to the age old question: here should I put this? No matter how unpredictable or chaotic your life may get with moving, travelling and more, your locker is your safe space to store and access whatever you want, whenever you want. 

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