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Goods are not automatically insured when in storage.

Due to the high quality of our centres we have been endorsed by the major insurance companies and offer insurance at all our locations. Many of our competitors have been unable to reach a similar standard and cannot offer insurance of your goods.

Kennards provides an easy and simple programme customers can participate in. This insurance is structured in a pay-as-you-go system so you only have to buy what you need, and automatically renews when you pay.

Although incidents in our self storage centres are extremely rare, insurance for your goods in storage is available. Customer's goods are not automatically insured when being stored. It is the customer's responsibility to be insured. Kennards has an easy simple insurance programme you can participate in.

First Month Complimentary Insurance

When you choose to Store with Kennards Self Storage, you receive “Complimentary Insurance Cover” with your first month of Storage.

When moving into storage there can be a lot going on, complimentary insurance for the first month means one less thing to think about! There is no obligation to continue after the first month, and customers are reminded to check that what they are storing is eligible under the Terms & Conditions of the policy and not excluded.

Level of cover is capped at $30,000, with a $250 excess payable by the customer for each and any claim.

Insurance Policy Cover

What Events are Covered

As a service to you we can arrange insurance against the following perils: Fire, lightening, explosion, earthquake, wind, storm and tempest, water damage and leakage, impact by vehicles or aircraft, malicious damage, riots and civil commotions, theft (subject to visual of forced entry).

Indemnity Value Cover

Your goods will be insured for Indemnity Value. This means the value is the replacement cost less an assessed allowance for condition, age, wear and tear.

Avoid Under Insuring

Please ensure that you declare the total market value of your goods to avoid under insuring.

Maximum Cover

The standard policy enables cover up to $100,000 loss. If you need additional cover, this can be arranged by request.

Policy Cover Exclusions

To understand the events excluded under the policy please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Self Storage Insurance Summary

Premium and Excess

Your Excess

An excess is the amount you must pay each time you make a claim. The policy is subject to a minimum excess of $250.



How to Take Out Insurance

Simply opt-in by signing in the box on our Storage Agreement when you move-in to accept the insurance, read the Product Disclosure Statement and complete the Application Form.

In Case of a Claim

Claims must be made at the time of discovery of loss or damage. Claim forms are available from from the centre just ask one of our friendly storage professionals. All negotiations are made directly with the insurance company.

Product Disclosure Statement

For a comprehensive explanation of the insurance please read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Click here for Product Disclosure Statement