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We have everything that’s needed for anyone packing, shipping, moving and storing.

We are New Zealand’s Boxes and Moving Supplies Super Store, with a Box Shop at every centre. Each boasting our entire and comprehensive range of boxes and packing items and we are open 7 days.

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403 (W) x 301 (L) x 330 (H) mm
40 Litres


$3.90/ea.10 or More
$4.90 /ea.

406 (W) x 298 (L) x 431 (H) mm
52 Litres


$2.90/ea.10 or More
$3.60 /ea.

431 (W) x 406 (L) x 596 (H) mm
104 Litres


$5.40/ea.10 or More
$6.80 /ea.

431 (W) x 406 (L) x 596 (H) mm
104 Litres


$4.70/ea.10 or More
$5.90 /ea.

410 (W) x 325 (L) x 255 (H) mm
34 Litres


$3.80/ea.10 or More
$5.30 /ea.

1560 (W) x 912 (L) x 100 (H) mm
150 Litres


$11.10/ea.10 or More
$13.90 /ea.

600 (W) x 300 (L) x 306 (H) mm
55 Litres


$9.50/ea.10 or More
$11.90 /ea.

500 (W) x 500 (L) x 500 (H) mm
125 Litres


$8.70/ea.10 or More
$10.90 /ea.

300 (W) x 300 (L) x 300 (H) mm
27 Litres


$3.40/ea.10 or More
$4.30 /ea.

920 (W) x 510 (L) x 320 (H) mm
150 Litres


$7.10/ea.10 or More
$8.90 /ea.

1040 (W) x 775 (L) x 75 (H) mm
60 Litres


$6.30/ea.10 or More
$7.90 /ea.

595 (W) x 479 (L) x 1106 (H) mm
315 Litres


$15.90/ea.10 or More
$19.90 /ea.

285 (W) x 1385 (L) x 770 (H) mm
304 Litres


$27.90/ea.10 or More
$34.90 /ea.

490 (W) x 325 (L) x 165 (H) mm
0 Litres


$5.00/ea.10 or More
$6.20 /ea.

We appreciate that is very difficult to estimate the number of boxes you need when packing up your stuff. Most people under-estimate how much stuff they actually have! This means they end up returning to us for a second, third or even fourth visit to buy more boxes.

For this reason, we take all the risk out and offer full refunds for unused returned cartons. Buy as many boxes as you like & return unused boxes for a refund. And no, we do NOT need a receipt. The boxes are easily identified as ours.

For volume buyers, we appreciate that it can add up to the cost of boxes, so we have this great offer for purchases of 10 or more boxes - save 20%. Better still, you can mix and match the sizes of boxes and still receive a 20% discount.

After you have finished with your boxes, we will even buy them back. They are often still in great condition and can be useful to other people. This is a great way to save even more money as well as being a nice sustainability initiative, sparing the cardboard boxes from premature disposal. They get another life with another mover we are delighted to play a role in this cycle.

Our buy-back program gives us stock to sell second hand boxes. These boxes are available at reduced prices and are great for long distance moves and long-term storage. They are very popular. Stocks vary all the time so drop in or contact your local Kennards Box Shop to check what is available.

The easy and economical way to buy your moving supplies. Complete your order online and pick-up from your nearest Box Shop. Every Box Shop has convenient store front parking and we are open 7 days.

Delivery cost is calculated based on the weight of goods and the distance required to send them. A quote will be provided at the time of ordering and a customer service representative will contact you to arrange it. Delivery is normally the next business day.