Kennards Self Storage News & Updates

Mt Eden Wine Cellar Expands Again

Since 2013, when we created our first climate controlled wine cellars at Kennards Self Storage Mt Eden, we have struggled to keep up with the demand of customers wanting cellars. Supplying a mixture of sizes ranging from the ever popular 12 case cabinet right up to 100 cases for the more serious wine collector. They have become so popular that we decided to expand again, building more wine cellars to cater for the high demand.

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Self Storage Unit, Do I Need One?

Kennards Self Storage Moving  Day 1

Over time, the demand and use of self storage has increased as people realise that life is much easier if you declutter your surroundings – or like the saying goes – “A tidy desk means a tidy mind”, many people rent a storage unit for really good logical reasons!

Moving your home:
If you are relocating or selling your home, renting a self storage unit is often needed – in particular when selling, as presenting your home at its best requires cleaning and moving out furniture to make the property more open and easy to view. The best place for your items is to store them in a Kennards Self Storage unit until you have a new home. Often when you move house, the new home is not always ready on the same date – fear not knowing your items are in a storage unit until you are ready, gives peace of mind that everything is in one place and secure – saving your stress!

Life Events:
They say in life – always expect the unexpected! Whether it is a family bereavement, break up in relationship or chance at a new job somewhere else, sometimes the event requires time and logistics to be worked out. Why worry and stress over making everything happen at once, place your items in a storage unit and achieve things at your own pace, better long term decisions are made without pressure. Remember storage is paid month by month and Kennards pro rata back a refund for the part of a month not used so you only pay for the storage.

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Is It Time To Declutter Your Business?


 As we move into the start of a new financial year, many self-employed people along with most business organisations will be getting there financial records ready for tax filing and then deciding on what records need to be kept for tax purposes and the rest become recycling paper.

Even in this digital age of document scanners, USBs and cloud storage, the requirement to keep certain physical records still exists and needs to be managed. This includes those important documents with original signatures or seals on them that cannot be simply copied.

An important tip when selling your home is to declutter all your personal items into storage so you can present your home in a tidy organised way to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Well in business – doing an annual declutter of business paperwork to ensure you are organised and efficient can also be just as important. Savvy businesses are now using self storage units as their preferred methods of storage – you may ask why?

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Tips For The Ultimate Spring Clean

Spring has arrived! If you’re thinking of doing your annual home spring clean these tips will not only save you time and effort, but they’ll make the process more enjoyable as well.

A photo by Sarah Dorweiler.

1. Assess each room

Before you embark on your spring clean, it’s a good idea look into each area and assess the amount of work that needs to be done. This first assessment, even if it’s a quick one, will allow you to identify any problem areas and get a good picture of what will need to happen.

Once you’ve got a better idea of the project scope you’ll be able to ensure you have the right tools and can set aside the right amount of time to get the job done right.

If you do this assessment and find yourself worried that the project is too large, it may help to separate the task over different days. You can separate by areas such as upstairs/downstairs or group rooms together, but beware of going too small as you may find you lose motivation halfway through.


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8 Brilliant Ways to Simplify Your Life

If you feel as though you don’t have enough hours in the day it may be time to declutter your life. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a huge task; all it takes are a few small adjustments to add more time, space and calm into everything you do. Below are 8 simple ways to declutter and simplify your life.


1. Make more time in your day

Making more time in your day isn’t as difficult as it sounds – and it definitely doesn’t have to involve getting up at the crack of dawn!

The first step is to think about absolutely everything you do in a day and write it down – including things like making breakfast and reading news. It might be helpful to jot down the things you do as you go about your day to avoid forgetting anything.

Once you’ve completed your list it’s time to go through every item one by one. You may have already noticed that there are a few unnecessary items on there – or tasks that you could streamline – or even things that you could delegate to somebody else.
Viewing a list of your daily tasks will give you better perspective and allow you to plan better.

Often, we don’t realise that we do so many unnecessary things until you actually write them all down. If you manage to trim a few of these down you’ll end up freeing a lot of time for yourself.

A photo by Sonja Langford.

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How Self Storage Can Help Your Business Boom

Self-storage is not just for homeowners and big corporate enterprises. Over the last few years it has become increasingly popular with small business owners and entrepreneurs who have found smart ways to use self-storage to grow their startups.

Below are a few reasons why self storage has become so popular with small business and great ideas on how it can help your own.


Competitive pricing:

Office space comes at a premium, but storage companies tend to keep their prices very competitive. New business owners find that they can save on overhead costs by renting a storage unit instead of a large office space or warehouse.

This solution is perfect if you’re working out of a tiny office (or from home) and need extra space to store products, equipment, stock, files or anything else your growing business needs.

Storage unit as an office space:

Many small businesses choose to use their storage unit in lieu of an office. In fact, it’s becoming a very popular way of operating, especially for those who want to avoid the distractions that come with having a home office but save on office rental fees.

It’s also very popular with businesses which have moved online and no longer need big showroom spaces, or those that simply don’t need to be part of a massive office block.

Many self-storage companies offer spaces which can easily be converted into a comfortable office space. This video offers some great ideas.


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10 Ways To Survive Moving House

Moving house is difficult no matter how many times you’ve been through it, but there are ways you can improve the overall experience. While there are plenty of guides and articles on how to complete every step of your move, we’ve summed up the 10 best ways to survive the entire process.

1. Think ahead

Planning is an essential part of any move, and it’s a good idea to start at least a month and a half before your occupation date. Not only does this leave enough time to get everything sorted before the big day, but spreading your tasks out also reduces the stress and anxiety.

It’s also a good idea to buy a notebook or create a file with all your moving ideas, notes brainstorms, lists and numbers in it. Keeping all your documents in one place ensures you don’t lose anything and will also prevent you from having to keep it all in your head; a recipe for sleepless nights.

If you are moving into a house that’s having renovations done to it, be sure to leave plenty of ‘wiggle room’. Even the smallest renovations often take longer than expected and it can make things extremely stressful if you’re not prepared.

Finally, moving seldom runs 100% to plan, so you need to be prepared to be a bit flexible. Having a ‘plan B’ wherever possible goes a long way to maintaining your sanity.


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A Guide To Buying At Storage Auctions

With the successful hit reality TV show – Storage Wars – Kennards Self Storage has seen a noticeable increase in buyer interest. Storage Wars follows colourful characters in their quest to find value in the abandoned goods. All the auctions are held on-site, which also provides for much better TV than watching them bid online – boring!


When storage customers abandon their goods storage operators will sell the goods to get the space available for rental again.

At Kennards Self Storage, all auctions are held online. This makes the process very easy for buyers as it allows all the spaces to be viewed through one simple portal despite being spread throughout different storage Centres.

Kennards offers this guide to our online auctions to help those curious to give it a try.

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7 Practical Ways To Get Back On Your Feet After A Breakup

Breakups are extremely difficult, no matter how strong and independent you are. While there is certainly no easy way to get over an important relationship, there are a few things you can do to inspire yourself and make the mourning process that little bit gentler.

Below are 7 simple and practical ways you can help yourself get back on your feet after a tough breakup.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.03.36 PM

1. Set a mourning period (with an end date)

Experts recommend allowing yourself to feel sad for a set period of time, rather than trying to shut off your feelings altogether.

When you act as though nothing is wrong you deny yourself the opportunity to go through the necessary psychological mourning stages. On the other hand, mourning for longer than is necessary is also unhealthy, and you want to get up and start feeling better before you’ve wasted too much of your precious time.

A solution is to allow yourself time to feel sad but set an exact date for when this is going to end. Then allow yourself to feel sad for a few days without feeling guilty or angry at your feelings. It’s part of the process. Once your time is up, make a commitment to move into a positive mental state. You’ve had your time to mourn, and now it’s time to put your energy into picking yourself up and feeling better.

If you’ve allowed yourself to indulge your emotions you’ll also feel more ready to move on when the time comes.

photo-1466065478348-0b967011f8e0 2

2. Boost your brain’s production of feel-good chemicals

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12 Quick ‘n Easy Home Storage Ideas

Declutter, organise and improve the look of your home with these smart but low-cost home storage ideas.

1. Install hooks and shelves in your entrance hall

The entrance hall is a magnet for clutter, but it can also be your greatest ally. By adding a few of the following you can make it a great organisational and storage space.

– Coat stand

– Bag hooks

– Key hooks

– Shelf

This provides space to store bags, coats, keys and items you’ve just carried into the house where you need them most. Not only does this save you having to pack each item away when you enter the house, it also keeps all your belongings neatly where you need them.


2. Upcycle your jars

Glass jars are having a moment. They make excellent cheap storage spaces and are very on-trend right now.

Use recycled jam and honey jars to store cutlery, stationery and other small items.Using jars not only saves you money (and earns you ‘green’ points), but they’re also great for organising as you can see what’s inside without having to open them.


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