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Allies Across The Tasman

New Zealand, you called it. We are not true Kiwis! We snuck our way into New Zealand back in 2008 and made our mark with our bright Orange and Blue buildings. We soon learned of the patriotism that binds New Zealand, a very big Kudos to your country. There is no doubt us Aussies could learn a thing or two about your commitment to invest in your own homegrown country… but, here me out.

What we did do, was pioneer Self Storage in Australia and help make the industry what it is today. We’ve spent 47 years shaping Self Storage and the last 10 years detoxing the community from the “Storage Wars” stigma created by the U.S. media. When the opportunity came to assist in the New Zealand market we jumped, we knew our Trans-Tasman relationship was closely aligned when it came to providing storage customers an honest, open, and transparent experience. We were able to connect with other New Zealand storage providers and work together through the Self-Storage Association – a peak industry body in Australia and New Zealand that supports other storage members through education, advocacy, and advice.

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“I’ve shut my shop, got out of my lease and am going 100% online” How Kennards Business Storage was there to help.

Phone, wallet, keys….. hand sanitiser? As I packed up my laptop for the day and looked outside ready to leave, a once bustling street was bare.

Our office, in the bustling hub that is Macquarie Park, Sydney had become a ghost town. Streets lined with office complexes were empty, team members told to hand in the their access passes or to stay home until further notice. It was out of this world!

For years friends have always been fascinated with my attraction to the storage industry, they would say things like “Storage? What is it that holds you there, really? After 15 years’ experience in the business, I’d often provide a well-worn reply “there’s more to it than you think” You’d be surprised how many people we help” It’s the human stories and company culture that keep us here.

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Can I Move Home During Covid?

There is moving house, then there is moving house during a global pandemic. If you are like me and recently settled on a property you may know this feeling all too well. Quite frankly you probably deserve a medal.

Take one of life’s known stressors like selling a home, buying a home, or moving, shake it around and inject it with a fist full of steroids and that’s what moving might feel like right now. All around us there is change. Retail is facing closures, travel restrictions are being enforced and we all have a personal radius of 1.5 metres!

To quote Star Trek, “it’s life Jim, but not as we know it“!

If moving is on the cards for you or you know someone moving, please read on.

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How Kennards Self Storage Is Helping Businesses Get In Front.

Kennards Self Storage Enterprise Spaces Penrith

Forget paying for old fashioned warehousing with all the legals, outgoings and fixed costs.
Self Storage is where it’s at!

If you haven’t been to a Kennards facility you will be in for a surprise.

Kennards is now a thriving hub for businesses in Australia and New Zealand offering spaces from Lockers to Warehouses. It’s still a warehouse without the outgoings, fixed lease and headaches.

Kennards has redefined the way businesses think and manage their storage saving companies thousands through flexible lease arrangements. Moving equipment, goods receipt and dispatch for your use provided completely free by Kennards.

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