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“I’ve shut my shop, got out of my lease and am going 100% online” How Kennards Business Storage was there to help.

Phone, wallet, keys….. hand sanitiser? As I packed up my laptop for the day and looked outside ready to leave, a once bustling street was bare.

Our office, in the bustling hub that is Macquarie Park, Sydney had become a ghost town. Streets lined with office complexes were empty, team members told to hand in the their access passes or to stay home until further notice. It was out of this world!

For years friends have always been fascinated with my attraction to the storage industry, they would say things like “Storage? What is it that holds you there, really? After 15 years’ experience in the business, I’d often provide a well-worn reply “there’s more to it than you think” You’d be surprised how many people we help” It’s the human stories and company culture that keep us here.

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Covid-19 – Level 3 – Kennards Self Storage

The New Zealand Government declared Level 3 conditions are in effect from Tuesday 28th April in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This now means we are open for all business within the community subject to safe working conditions for our team members and customers plus ensuring all transactions with customers are contactless during this period.

Everyone can access our full range of services at our website – or by phoning your local centre during normal business hours or our call centre on 0800 433 748, to assist all existing and new customers.

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Is It Time To Declutter Your Business?


As we move into the start of a new financial year, many self-employed people along with most business organisations will be getting there financial records ready for tax filing and then deciding on what records need to be kept for tax purposes and the rest become recycling paper.

Even in this digital age of document scanners, USBs and cloud storage, the requirement to keep certain physical records still exists and needs to be managed. This includes those important documents with original signatures or seals on them that cannot be simply copied.

An important tip when selling your home is to declutter all your personal items into storage so you can present your home in a tidy organised way to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Well in business – doing an annual declutter of business paperwork to ensure you are organised and efficient can also be just as important. Savvy businesses are now using self storage units as their preferred methods of storage – you may ask why?

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How Self Storage Can Help Your Business Boom

Self-storage is not just for homeowners and big corporate enterprises. Over the last few years it has become increasingly popular with small business owners and entrepreneurs who have found smart ways to use self-storage to grow their startups.

Below are a few reasons why self storage has become so popular with small business and great ideas on how it can help your own.


Competitive pricing:

Office space comes at a premium, but storage companies tend to keep their prices very competitive. New business owners find that they can save on overhead costs by renting a storage unit instead of a large office space or warehouse.

This solution is perfect if you’re working out of a tiny office (or from home) and need extra space to store products, equipment, stock, files or anything else your growing business needs.

Storage unit as an office space:

Many small businesses choose to use their storage unit in lieu of an office. In fact, it’s becoming a very popular way of operating, especially for those who want to avoid the distractions that come with having a home office but save on office rental fees.

It’s also very popular with businesses which have moved online and no longer need big showroom spaces, or those that simply don’t need to be part of a massive office block.

Many self-storage companies offer spaces which can easily be converted into a comfortable office space. This video offers some great ideas.


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Kennards Parcel Pick Up And Drop Off Concierge At Your Service!

Kennards Self Storage HastingsOctober2013 (2)

Hey storers, this is one of those “Did you know” moments – One of the benefits of renting a storage unit at Kennards Self Storage, is our parcel drop off / pick up service located at all of our centres. It allows you to have items sent by courier addressed to you delivered to the site or you can even leave items for a courier to be picked up. We even offer an SMS alert system to let you know when a parcel has arrived for you to move into your storage unit.

A big advantage of this service is being able to buy items online and have them addressed to the physical location of the storage centre – which is better than having those valuable items left on the front door or getting that annoying card from the courier to take your parcel down to their depot located somewhere out of the way with inconvenient hours. Then all you need to do is visit your storage centre and pick up your item from the parcel pick up/ drop off area and put them into your storage unit or take them home.

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How Kennards Self Storage Is Helping Businesses Get In Front.

Kennards Self Storage Enterprise Spaces Penrith

Forget paying for old fashioned warehousing with all the legals, outgoings and fixed costs.
Self Storage is where it’s at!

If you haven’t been to a Kennards facility you will be in for a surprise.

Kennards is now a thriving hub for businesses in Australia and New Zealand offering spaces from Lockers to Warehouses. It’s still a warehouse without the outgoings, fixed lease and headaches.

Kennards has redefined the way businesses think and manage their storage saving companies thousands through flexible lease arrangements. Moving equipment, goods receipt and dispatch for your use provided completely free by Kennards.

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What you can do with a Kennards Box!!!

KSS Boxes

A very imaginative movie clip about a Kennards Box and what you can do with it. Put together by a very talented 10 year old Olivia Kennard.


Go here to see what a child’s imagination can come up with, it’s great!


Kennards Mt Eden Auckland Expanding Again

Kennards Mt EdenThe demand for larger sized units will see the basement level at our Mt Eden facility converted from car parking spaces to storage units. Upon completion this will result in the Mt Eden facility having a total of five levels of storage located right on the edge of the greater CBD in Eden Terrace.

The growth of occupancy since 2008 has been constant, and over this time we have seen demand spread around a variety of storage needs – from the student market needing to pack everything up at end of year and go home until they return the following year, to the house buyers and sellers and the many small business operators who need larger space as they grow their business. The Mt Eden facility also provides purpose built Wine Cellar storage, providing the ideal environment for long-term wine storage to help it mature to its full potential.

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Mini Warehousing Alternatives

Kennard-Self-Storage-Thorndon-Wellington8As a sustainable avenue for businesses to reduce costs and strategically position themselves in today’s market Kennards Enterprise Spaces have proven themselves to be a no brainer solution.

Breaking the shackles of their fixed Warehouse leases businesses have been pleasantly surprised just how simple the transition to Self Storage is.

Self Storage gives businesses flexibility to work within their means. “What you see is what you get” solution, and you get a lot. No hidden costs!

There are a variety of sizes and services businesses can take advantage of, free receipt & dispatch, walk behind forklifts & moving equipment, complimentary meeting rooms, customer kitchens and rubbish disposal facilities.

Our 24 hour security monitoring is also part of the package, that’s individual pin code entry and a complete CCTV system at every centre.

Our centres are clean and our teams are friendly – what more could you ask for!

We have a range of sizes from 24 sqm up to 100 sqm.

If your business is tired of managing all the “extras” of leasing/managing a Warehouse then Self Storage might be exactly what you need.

To find our more please contact the Wellington Team:

19 Hutt Road
Thorndon, Wellington
Ph: 04 473 1300
[email protected]

Author: Andrew Kirkham, NZ Operations Manager, Kennards Self Storage

Enterprise Spaces – A Mini Warehouse that works for you!

Kennards Self Storage Palmerston North Large spaces have never been easier to rent under the Kennards Self Storage Enterprise Space banner.

Long terms and fixed contracts are a thing of the past. Kennards customers are enjoying the flexibility to occupy Enterprise Space according to their business needs. It’s a mini warehouse that works with you!

Our “No lease, No Bond and No Legals” takes the pressure off occupying a larger space.  An easy choice for customers who were once managing their own stand-alone warehouse.

The team at Kennards launched their first Enterprise Space solution in 2011. Through its popularity the concept grew and Kennards now provide Enterprise Spaces in NZ!

Everything you might need is at your fingertips. Increased ceiling heights, convenient positions, 24 hour 7 day a week access, back to base security monitoring, rubbish disposal facilities, forklifts, pallet jacks, trolleys as well as lighting and power.

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