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Infamous Self Storage Property from Silence of the Lambs to be Sold

silence of the lambsIn a gripping scene of Silence of the Lambs, FBI trainee Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster, seeking clues to resolve the capture of a serial killer (known as Buffalo Bill) visits Your Self Storage to find a severed head. The clue leads to the deeper involvement of Hannibal Lecter in the case to assist profile the murderer.

It seems that Your Self Storage actually exists as an operating storage business in a large multi storey warehouse in Pittsburg, and is about to be sold at auction.

It is confidently assumed that no more grim evidence of a Buffalo Bills crimes exist in the building.

Silence of the a Lambs was filmed in 1990 and released the following year.

The property will be auctioned on April 24th.

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Author: Sam Kennard, Managing Director, Kennards Self Storage

Kennards Mobile Site Goes Live!

28137-find-your-spaceKennards Self Storage has now launched its web site specifically for mobile phones.

The functionality and user-experience has been overhauled to provide an elegant, friendly and fast service to people using smaller phones.

Smart phones with location services enabled will quickly find the nearest Kennards Self Storage centre and with another touch or two the centre can be easily called or a real-time quote provided.

The appeal of the new mobile site has been proven with immediate strong usage and reservation rates.

To have a look check our Australian mobile web site: (on your smart phone)

Or New Zealand go here:

Author: Sam Kennard

Kennards Submission to Federal Parliamentary Inquiry in to Family Business

Kennards Self Storage is a proud family owned business with its inception dating back to 1973 when the late Neville Kennard built the first self storage in Australia. Neville Kennards original successful enterprise was Kennards Hire, which he also took over from his father.

Our family have a rich and proud history of family business success.  In this regard, we have made deliberate strategic decisions to enable our business to survive and thrive for the long term, over multiple generations of ownership. We are also members of Family Business Australia (FBA). This has been a valuable place to learn about creating a sustainable family business.

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