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And We’ll Even Buy Them Back!

Kennards Self Storage have proudly been supplying New Zealand with our large range of quality new and used boxes and packing supplies for over 10 years. Along with everything else to help pack and move like tape, bubble wrap, packing paper or even covers for your favourite lounge. As well as our large range on offer we’re also open seven days a week for you to come in and browse.

Buy as many boxes as you like and return any unused boxes for a refund. Buy 10 or more boxes and receive a 20% discount. 

Our customers also appreciate being able to bring the boxes back when there finished with them. Our ‘buy back‘ policy is well known and we like to think it’s also good for our customers as it gives them the option of buying new or used boxes. It’s also our way of helping the environment and recycling as much as possible.

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Get your Archive Boxes cheaper – End of Financial Year Sale now on!

Kennards Archive BoxTime stops for no one, and just like death and taxes, another reality and certainty in life is the filing of our annual Tax Returns just around the corner again! So the time is here to start collecting all those statements and receipts and bundle them up in some order for the accountant to work through.

At Kennards Self Storage we feel your need for something robust and of premium quality to hold all these records. Our now famous Archive Boxes are on sale with big savings – check them out now online at our Kennards Box Shop and enjoy the limited time reduced price while stocks last.

The Kennards Archive Box was designed for the long term – nothing worse than picking up an old box to have the bottom fall out below from deterioration! We are so confident of our single piece fold design that gives superior strength that we give a 7 year money back guarantee!

And since most large companies will need many boxes, we can provide free delivery of 50 boxes or more by simply calling any of our Kennards Self Storage locations before the end of April.

What you can do with a Kennards Box!!!

KSS Boxes

A very imaginative movie clip about a Kennards Box and what you can do with it. Put together by a very talented 10 year old Olivia Kennard.


Go here to see what a child’s imagination can come up with, it’s great!


Kennards Customers Save on Our Durable Archive Boxes

Kennards Archive BoxKennards Self Storage is offering enormous savings to existing commercial customers in all Australian stores on its Archive Boxes this End of Financial Year. this offer expires on July 31st, 2012.

The Kennards Archive Boxes are built to last, using clever folded construction for superior strength, making it last longer than typical archive boxes.

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Huge Savings on Kennards Super Strong Archive Boxes

Kennards Durable Archive BoxThe end of March in New Zealand marks the end of the current financial year, and the task of getting all the business records together to complete financial reports begins.

For many of us, the bundling of papers into the nearest empty box we can find has been the normal choice in the past – be it the empty box the last printer or fax machine came in that no one bothered to throw out or the old fashioned banana box someone used to bring something to work once. The unfortunate consequence of using these boxes is they are notoriously unreliable and in a lot of cases fall apart or buckle when full of documents and normally the bottom of the box falls out and the stress levels go – there must be an easier way.

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Kennards Box Buy Back Available in New Zealand

Kennards Box Shop Did you know that Kennards Self Storage New Zealand will buy your boxes back? When you buy new boxes from any Kennards Self Storage centre in New Zealand:
• They will take back and refund you on any returned unused boxes.
• They will also buy back your used boxes at a reduced rate. It’s a great way to save money and recycle cardboard boxes which is good for the environment.

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Packing Tips 101

customerservice4smallWe all know the effort it takes to pack up and move house . To make your life easier when packing and unpacking, or placing your treasured items into storage, take a look at the tips below.

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Moving House 101

Moving Home with Kennards Self StoragePacking up your home contents, whether it is to move house or put it into storage is no easy task. The consequences of not packing your goods properly are high! Taking the time to pack it right makes a big difference; it will lessen the damage caused during transit and storage and makes the process of unpacking, stress free.

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Moving Box Buying – Risk Free – Use or Return


Moving your small business or moving house can be a difficult time and the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of your moving boxes or whether you have purchased too many or not enough.


Because it’s difficult to judge the quantity of cartons you will need when buying moving boxes, Kennards Self Storage offers a great service through the Kennards box buy back advantage.

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