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Choosing The Right Wines For Your Cellar

There is a certain romantic allure surrounding drinking a really old wine. However most people don’t really know why the aged wine they are enjoying is any better than it was in the first year. What is the oldest wine you have tasted; did you like it or understand the differences of its age? It’s a question I’m often asked my new customers starting down the path of wine collection. Learning the answer to this question is half the fun of cellaring wines.

First, you need to stock your cellar with age worthy wines. You might be surprised to know that only 1% of the wines produced in the world are built to last the test of time. Most of the cellar worthy wines will actually have poorer ratings on release and only gain perfection with age.

Some people believe you can set a price around what wines can be cellared. I have heard that wines under $30 are meant to drink now. So if you buy any wines above, they are good to cellar. This just isn’t true. The only way to know if a wine can be cellared is by tasting it and understanding its character and structure.

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Mt Eden Wine Cellar Expands Again

Since 2013, when we created our first climate controlled wine cellars at Kennards Self Storage Mt Eden, we have struggled to keep up with the demand of customers wanting cellars. Supplying a mixture of sizes ranging from the ever popular 12 case cabinet right up to 100 cases for the more serious wine collector. They have become so popular that we decided to expand again, building more wine cellars to cater for the high demand.

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Wine Storage Available at Kennards Self Storage in Wellington

Kennards Wine Cellar 4With the successful completion of the new enterprise space units at Wellington, new exterior building painting and office refurbishment with new box shop, we now also have a dedicated climate controlled room for wine storage.

Kennards wine storage first arrived at our Mt Eden facility in Auckland and has been a considerable success, so it was a natural progression to create a wine cellar at our Wellington facility where many serious wine collectors reside.

Kennards Wine Cellars provide the ideal climate for any wine collector regardless of how much wine you have with a range of sizes from 12 cases right up to 200 cases so everyone is covered. Your wine cellar locker is private and accessible only by yourself and for added benefit the unit is alarmed.

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Drink Up Aucklanders – Kennards Wine storage in Mt Eden Getting Very Full.

Kennards Wine Storage MtEdenJune2013 (18)Anyone familiar with Auckland weather would say, “we can have four seasons in one day”.

While that may be great if the day starts off a bit rainy and we get sun shine later, however for our precious wine collection, sudden and large temperature changes are not good for any wine. To keep your wine at an optimum condition and to even prevent becoming undrinkable, wine prefers a steady constant temperature – something that is a challenge with Auckland weather! (and before you think otherwise, I am not sledging Aucklanders because I am one!)

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The Art of Wine

Kennards Wine Storage

Did you know: Not all wines are meant to be cellared for long periods of time. 90% of wine is made to drink now, while it retains its freshness. While cellaring your wine, bottles should be kept on their side to allow for sedimentation, this also keeps the cork wet.

Wine making is a complex process: Starting with the long wait of 5 to 7 months to grow a harvest, after this the actual process takes a few weeks to produce. The three components of wine are grapes, water and yeast. The yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes and converts them to alcohol. One bottle of wine contains 1.3 kilos of grapes!

The perfect temperature: Most white wines are best served at 7ºC; Sauvignon Blancs, Rieslings and Chardonnays. Full bodied white wines should be served at 10ºC: Rich White Burgundies and Light Reds such as Beaujolais. Most red wines will be best consumed at 15 to16ºC; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bordeaux, Syrah/Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

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How to Decant Wine and Aerate at the Same Time

Decanter Why Decant Wine?
Traditionally, decanting wine is the process of slowly pouring the contents of a bottle of wine into another container leaving any sediment behind. This is only necessary for wines with sediment like an aged bottle of red wine or Port (sediment is rare in a bottle of wine that is designed to be ready-to-drink). However, decanting a bottle of young wine is a more effective way of aerating wine than simply pulling the cork and letting it breathe (in the bottle, the surface area of wine exposed to air is minimal).

Why Aerate Wine?
Most wine enthusiasts believe it’s helpful to aerate (expose to air) young wines, especially young, concentrated red wines, like expensive Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux that can age for several years. The same goes for young and concentrated or especially astringent white wine, such as white Burgundy.

Aeration artificially speeds up the maturation process, causing subtle chemical changes that affect both the flavors and the texture of wine. It should only be used if you suspect the wine is not yet at its peak of drinkability, never on a very old bottle (15+ years). Remember, most wines are ready-to-drink.

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Wine Cellaring Arrives at Wellington

Kennarsd Self Storage Wellington Wine Cellaring enthusiasts in Wellington finally have another choice for their precious collections.

Kennards Self Storage have established their specialist Wine Cellaring service in their new storage centre in Hutt Road Thorndon. The Wellington centre is Kennards 15th and their second in New Zealand.

The company has extensive experience in the Wine Cellaring field.

Wine collectors will enjoy laying their wine down to mature in their own private lock-up cellar, equipped with sophisticated climate control systems.

Each cellar is for the private use of the customer. No one else has access, not even Kennards Self Storage; the customer keeps the only keys.

As all passionate wine collectors know, it is vital to store wine in particular conditions. Large fluctuations in temperature and humidity are very detrimental to the development and maturing of wine. Other factors such as vibration and sunlight also prove damaging to wines development.

To learn more about good cellaring please read our Complete Guide to Wine Cellaring.

We invite people to visit our Kennards Wellington centre and look at our brand new climate controlled wine cellar operation.

Address: 19 Hutt Road Thorndon, Wellington
Phone: +4 473 1300
Email: wellington

Author: Kennards Self Storage 

Top Ten Tips for Wine Cellaring

Kennards Wine Storage To age well and achieve their potential, wine needs certain storage conditions. As a leading wine writer, James Halliday suggests, wine will continue to mature once it’s bottled so proper storage is essential to help it undertake the ageing process in the best conditions possible.

To enjoy the simple nuances of drinking wine aged to perfection, you need to consider the following factors when cellaring wine;

1. A constant temperature is the single most important prerequisite for cellaring wines. A bottle of wine undergoes hundreds of chemical reactions. Temperature is the principle determining factor of how and to what degree these chemical reactions take place. The correct temperature range is between 12 and 15 degrees.

2. Humidity should be between 50-70%. If it’s too high can result in the growth of mould. If it’s too low Corks will dry out and cause excessive evaporation of wine and destroy the wine through premature aging.

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Wellington Wine Cellar Storage Now Available

Kennards Self Storage Wellington CellarAs part of our long term improvement programme for our newly acquired Wellington centre in Thorndon, we have created a climate controlled wine storage area conveniently located on the ground floor of the centre with access available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No minimum terms, just like our normal storage, you can have a wine cellar for as long or as short as you want and we also refund unused rent if you move out part way through a month.

Access is safe, easy and simple. The ground floor is easily accessed from the office entrance way during business hours or via PIN code access to the facility on the third floor after hours directly in front of the lifts. We have also installed an additional PIN code access to the door of the wine storage area to ensure only wine storers have access to the wine cellars. Trolleys are easily available to move your wine in and out of your wine cellar. CCTV is operating within the centre so you have peace of mind that your wine collection is kept safe and secure. Now there is no need to be caught out without a bottle of your wine from your collection stored away in your climate controlled wine cellar.

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Is Your Wine Slowly Turning Into Expensive Vinegar?

pouring red wineWouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a chateau where you have acres of cellar available for your wine collection? Unfortunately, many of us live in small spaces where we’re lucky if we can spare even a few square feet for an extra armchair. At Kennards Wine Storage Mt Eden we can help you achieve your dream of an ever growing wine collection in a climate controlled space.

Here are 5 helpful tips from Kennards Wine Storage Mt Eden:

1. Don’t expose your wine to big fluctuations in temperature Even a short exposure to extreme temps can cause chemical reactions that will ruin your wine. Kennards Wine Storage Mt Eden can help with that. We have a climate controlled basement cellar and we check the conditions on a daily basis.

2. Keep it organised.  Develop a system–whether on paper or in a computer wine cellar database that lets you easily keep track of what bottles you have and how long they’ve been aging. Kennards Wine Storage Mt Eden can help with that also, as we supply each unit with wine tracking, pricing, and age forms.

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