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Kennards Parcel Pick Up And Drop Off Concierge At Your Service!

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Hey storers, this is one of those “Did you know” moments – One of the benefits of renting a storage unit at Kennards Self Storage, is our parcel drop off / pick up service located at all of our centres. It allows you to have items sent by courier addressed to you delivered to the site or you can even leave items for a courier to be picked up. We even offer an SMS alert system to let you know when a parcel has arrived for you to move into your storage unit.

A big advantage of this service is being able to buy items online and have them addressed to the physical location of the storage centre – which is better than having those valuable items left on the front door or getting that annoying card from the courier to take your parcel down to their depot located somewhere out of the way with inconvenient hours. Then all you need to do is visit your storage centre and pick up your item from the parcel pick up/ drop off area and put them into your storage unit or take them home.

What we have started to notice, which has really been taking off, is the increase of people selling surplus items in their units. It’s been especially evident with online auctions and the increased usage of the storage centres being used as a pick up point for the buyers. The storage centre provides a safer alternative when selling valuable items particularly when there is a lot of cash involved during the deals. It also provides you with an option for dealing with out of town buyers as items can be arranged to be picked up and delivered to the buyer without you having to be there which offcourse saves you time and effort!

Talking about online auctions, it seems like everyone is buying something online these days and many people have started to use their work reception address for delivery. This is starting to have some impact on business where there are so many deliveries that the receptionist is turning into a mini warehouse trying to track and contact people to collect there items – in fact to the point where some business policies are declining the ability for receipt of courier items that are not work related. Well the Kennards Parcel drop off / pick up service can save you grief with the boss at work by using your storage centre address.

Finally, with Christmas not that far away or even for birthdays, if you want to buy something for a loved one and keep it hidden to the big day, why not get it delivered direct to the centre and once you receive the SMS, store it away in your unit safe and sound until you need it. Who would have thought a storage unit at kennards could be so helpful!

Please remember to enquire with the team at your storage centre about a few T & Cs about this service but it quite straight forward.

Andrew Kirkham

Andrew has been Operations Manager for Kennards Self Storage New Zealand since 2008. Previously working in Operations Management roles in Private Health Care, Cleaning and Car Parking. Having a hands on approach to his role and a quiet competitive nature that likes to lead his Team to success. Being an avid Cricket and Rugby fan, he is particularly loyal to the NZ National teams.

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