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KSS Raising Funds for Chatswood Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Chatswood SUNDAY 8th MARCH 2009 BBQ at Kennards Self Storage (Gibbes and Mann St Chatswood)

Kennards Self Storage are opening a new storage facility in East Chatswood and have approached us to provide a BBQ for the event, in return for which they will support our fund-raising.

Time    : 11:30am to 1:30pm

Venue  : Cnr Mann St and Gibbes St, East Chatswood (UBD map 195 Q6)

Self Storage Association Fact Sheet

Reference: Self Storage Association

Facts about the amount of supply absorption and growth of the Self Storage Industry in the U.S.A The Self Storage Association in the U.S.A. has recently produced data about the size of the industry. With nearly 53,000 primary Self Storage facilities and sales exceeding (US)$20 billion…. Read the S.S.A. Fact Sheet.

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Customer feedback

” The Kennards Self Storage Miranda branch gave great customer service and were willing to help with all my problems. I was also very happy to have my rent refunded when I left. Kennards also offered a fair price for the size of my storage space”.

A Quick Guide to Good Wine Storage

wine-storeYour wine is valuable and treasured aspect too important to risk being ruined by poor storage. Kennards Wine Storage provides the ideal environment for longterm storage to help it mature to its full potential. Our private cellars are ideal for all wine collectors, investors, wine merchants, restaurants and boutique wineries. We have a range of sizes so you can grow (or shrink) your collection easily. From as little as 8 cases up to many hundreds, all collectors are catered for.

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Kennard Freedom Prize

Essays on Personal Sovereignty; Freedom and Responsibility Essay Competition

The Kennard Family is an Australian family in business who cherish and encourage personal freedom and responsibility.  To discover and promote and widely disseminate ideas and philosophies on what it means to be free and responsible, the Kennard Freedom Prize for essays on this ambiguous-to-some and frequently- threatened state for which individuals have historically strived is being held.

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New Hoxton Park Storage Centre Open

hoxton_park992The latest Kennards Self Storage Centre at Hoxton Park, in Sydney’s growing south-west, is now open. Kennards collaborated with Medich Properties to develop an innovative mixed use development. The self storage centre is part of a development that includes Bunnings and other potential retail users.

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Disabled relocation help needed

Northern District Times

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) which has been helping others for 36 years now needs a bit of a hand. The organisation, which has been based at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre, Putney, is relocating to greener pastures at Marsfield and this means moving everything from stables and fencing to gear. They also need adequate storage for all there equipment while formal approvals are obtained for their move to Marsfield Park and construction begins.

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Either Talk the Talk or Take a Walk

Article  from the Australian Financial Review   Cultural differences can be a major headache when companies merge.

Not long after Sam Kennard recieved the keys to his competitior, Millers Self Storage, an anonymous email was sent to every person in the company – a battle cry of resitance to the purchase. “We are not going to let Kennards take over” was the thrust of this message. But it was way too late. The $220 million deal was done and dusted.

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Customer Feedback

” Phone service was excellent, I called last week to book storage at your Moore Park facility and the assistance over the phone was friendly and professional. I found the experience to be a lot easier than what I thought. Onsite customer service and facilities were also impresive. The team at Moore Park were very friendly and happy to answer any queries I had.”

Valad Unloads Storage Brand

Valad Property Group will exit  its 50/50 joint venture with Kennards Self Storage, redeploying $69 million worth of capital to reduce gearing on its balance sheet by 1 percent. In 2004, Valad teamed up with Kennards to acquire 24 properties under the Millers Self Storage brand in a deal worth $215 million. Valad raised $92.6 million at the time, of which about $32 million was used to acquire an addtional bulky goods centre in western sydney.

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