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Special Recognition to our Wellington Star!

At Kennards Self Storage, we recognise that our Team Members are the heart and mind of the business. They have the Freedom as individuals to make decisions, achieve, grow and prosper! It forms a significant part of our company strategy to attract and keep the best people.

Within the business, there are specific individuals that go further and create more significant value or greatly exceed expectations that are not only recognised, they are celebrated with recognition to a distinguished level. At Kennards Self Storage we call these the “Freedom Awards” where Team Members have the opportunity to nominate a teammate.

I was privileged this year to present one such Award to our very own Assistant Manager Melissa Hiri at our Kennards Self Storage Wellington Centre. Melissa is a real soldier within the business and considered very humble. She was awarded the Freedom Award for these reasons from fellow Team Members.

Team Members were quoted as saying:

“Melissa always displays a strong work ethic with values and integrity that align with the business, and stepping up on a number of occasions to take responsibility for a significant period of time in the absence of her Centre Manager while achieving positive contributions to her site.”

And that is classic Melissa. Her commitment and passion for the business is an example to all of us. This is definitely a well-deserved Award for an exceptional Team Member.

Andrew Kirkham

Andrew has been Operations Manager for Kennards Self Storage New Zealand since 2008. Previously working in Operations Management roles in Private Health Care, Cleaning and Car Parking. Having a hands on approach to his role and a quiet competitive nature that likes to lead his Team to success. Being an avid Cricket and Rugby fan, he is particularly loyal to the NZ National teams.

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