Stepping Stone House


Stepping Stone House

38% of all Australians experiencing homelessness are under the age of 25.

The leading causes of youth homelessness are housing crisis, family violence, family separation and breakdown.

Sadly, young people often end up on the streets to escape situations of domestic and family violence, abuse and neglect. Many are suffering from emotional trauma and mental illness, making it difficult for them to break the cycle of disadvantage without adequate support.

Young people who experience homelessness are more likely to disengage with education and employment and to be exposed to factors which are detrimental to their health. Stepping Stone House believe access to a safe and nurturing home is a fundamental human right.

Established in 1989, Stepping Stone House has provided safety, education and care for vulnerable young people aged 12–24. Unlike short-term shelters, they are a dedicated family, supporting young people from adolescence through to adulthood and beyond. They are truly in it for the long haul. They are there for life and have helped over 450 young people to become self-sufficient and educated young adults. Through educational development, adventure programs, community volunteering, mentoring and counselling, equipping young people with the self-care and life skills they need to become independent and the very best they can be.

Stepping Stone House

Kennards Self Storage are supporters of Stepping Stone House and have been since its inception, sponsoring and raising funds for this very worthy cause. We believe every young person in Australia should have a safe home.

Each year Stepping Stone House hold their main fund raising event, Sleep Under The Stars. Participants sleep out under the stars for one night with only a few Kennards boxes as shelter. Kennards Self Storage are Gold Sponsors of this event and supply donated boxes and tape to all participants. We also have our own team that participate and fund raise each year. The event raises funds in excess of $500,000.

Stepping Stone House

Kennards Self storage also assist Stepping Stone House year round with our own initiative, asking our storers for their support, by donating their unused rent to the cause when they move out. This has been very successful with the generosity of our storers shining through.

Kennards Self Storage will continue to support Stepping Stone House as they work tirelessly to end homelessness in Australia.