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10 Key Things People Forget When Moving House

July 20, 2016 by Kennards Self Storage

Moving house is a big event and even the most experienced movers have trouble keeping track of everything – especially as there are so many things to think about.
To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of items that people often forget when moving house – including things people commonly forget to organise, do and pack.

Things people forget to organise in advance:

1) Send out change of address
Sending out your change of address is something you’ll want to do in advance in some cases as the changes can take up to 2 weeks to process.
Before the moving chaos begins, designate a chunk of time to get them all done at once, or at least make a long list of all the places you’re going to need to contact. Then it’s one less thing to think about when you’re getting settled into your new home.

Here’s a quick checklist to help ensure you don’t forget the major ones:

– Electoral Register (You’ll need to register your change of address in order to be eligible to vote)
– Post Office
– Bank
– Insurance Companies
– Tax Office
– Driver / Vehicle Licensing Agency
– Online shopping and home delivery accounts
– Employer
– Schools/universities
– Telecom Company
– Satellite/Cable Company
– Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

2) Book moving services well in advance
There are certain times of the year that are especially busy for moving-related industries like removalists and home cleaning services. These include the beginning and end of every month, weekends and the period around the new year.
If your move falls around these times it’s a good idea to book early so that you can get them on the time and day that suits you best. If you have to work around their availability it can really disrupt your moving schedule.
This also applies if you’re having anything installed in your new home (internet, cable, blinds/shutters, painters and so on). Booking early ensures that you can have them come to your new home as soon as convenient and you don’t have to live without essentials (like WIFI) for days after your move.

3) Measure the space before you move in
If you want or need to buy new furniture and appliances for your new home, ask the current tenants/owners if you can have access to the floor plans or if you could measure a few of the spaces a few weeks prior to your move.
This will allow you to shop for and order new furniture or appliances ahead of time; giving you one less thing to think about once you’ve moved into your new place.
You can have any new items delivered on the day of your move (a day you know you’ll be at home and unpacking the whole day). Pre-ordering also means you won’t have to spend any time living without things like a couch or fridge – or one that doesn’t fit.

Things people forget to pack:

4) Items from cleaners/storage/repair shops
It’s pretty easy to remember to pack all the items in your house, but people often forget those that aren’t.
Items at the dry cleaners, in a storage unit, a parcel at the local post office, on loan to a friend or in for repair are easy to forget but irritating to collect once you’ve moved – especially if it’s a long-distance move.
Make sure you keep track of all items that are outside your home and that all items being sent out will be ready for collection before your move.

5) Your personal records
Local doctors, dentists, pharmacists and vets have your family and pet’s records stored with them. Remember to collect these before you move so that you can give your new practitioners your updated records and files.
If your child is moving schools you’ll also want to collect all their records from teachers to hand over to their new school.

6) Curtains and decor items

Depending on your lease or sale agreement, there may be certain things that look like fixtures but, in fact, need to be packed.
This includes items you’ve installed, such as:
– Hosepipes/irrigations systems
– Chandeliers/wall hangings
– Curtains/blinds/shutters
– Large cabinets/storage boxes

Not only is it heartbreaking to forget special items, but disposal can also be difficult and expensive for the new owners.
Your agent will have a list of fixtures that is agreed upon by both yourself and the new owners or tenants so you know exactly what you should take and leave.

Things people forget to do:

6) Return borrowed or rented items
Remember to return any items you’ve borrowed or rented before you move. Commonly forgotten items include rented DVDs or library books.
Returning borrowed items also applies to things like friend’s clothes or your neighbour’s mixer – especially if you’re doing a long distance move.

7) Disconnect and Reconnect your utilities (with time to spare)
Moving experts recommend you schedule to disconnect your utilities a day after your move out and arrange to have them turned on at your new place a day before you move in, as this removes margin for error and ensures you won’t be left without water or electricity when moving between either place.
Obviously, this depends on how soon or late new tenants are moving in or out, so it’s best to have a conversation with the old or new tenants about how soon you can have your utilities connected.

8) Pack a ‘first-night’ bag
To help make the day of your move more comfortable, put together a bag or box of items you’ll need and pack it with you in your car, not in the removals van.
This includes anything you’ll need or want during the moving process and means you won’t have to dig through a million boxes to find it.
Here’s a little list to help:
– Cell phone chargers and cords
– Scissors to open any taped boxes
– Basic cleaning equipment for wiping down surfaces
– Change of clothes
– Towels, Pillows, fresh sheets/bed linen
– Toiletries
– Kettle, mugs and tea bags (or wine, glasses and a bottle opener!

9) Find and label all keys for new owners
When you’re about to move house it’s a nice touch to label your keys for the new owner. It also ensures you don’t accidentally leave with any spare sets or garage openers.
Gather all the sets of keys together and label them (front door/back door/bedroom/french doors/spare keys and so on). It’ll only take you 5 minutes, but it’ll be immensely helpful for the new owners as they find their way around.
You should also remember to unearth any spare keys that you’ve hidden or left with neighbours and friends as these are easy to forget.

10) Settle and close tabs and local accounts
If you have any running tabs at local coffee shops, stores, bars or restaurants it’s best to settle and close these before you leave the area.
Not only is this best for the shop owner, but it also prevents the danger of anyone finding and abusing your tab while you’re gone.

If you can remember these 10 commonly forgotten items you’ll be ready to have your most organised move yet! Good luck and enjoy.

Pictures Courtesy of: Postbox: Flickr/ Danish Post Box, Tape:Flickr/ bekahhogue,Lighting: Flickr/ Optus, Bag: Flickr/ essie, Cafe: Flickr/ Brain Bilek

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