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12 Quick ‘n Easy Home Storage Ideas

August 24, 2016 by Kennards Self Storage

Declutter, organise and improve the look of your home with these smart but low-cost home storage ideas.

1. Install hooks and shelves in your entrance hall

The entrance hall is a magnet for clutter, but it can also be your greatest ally. By adding a few of the following you can make it a great organisational and storage space.

– Coat stand

– Bag hooks

– Key hooks

– Shelf

This provides space to store bags, coats, keys and items you’ve just carried into the house where you need them most. Not only does this save you having to pack each item away when you enter the house, it also keeps all your belongings neatly where you need them.

2. Upcycle your jars

Glass jars are having a moment. They make excellent cheap storage spaces and are very on-trend right now.

Use recycled jam and honey jars to store cutlery, stationery and other small items.Using jars not only saves you money (and earns you ‘green’ points), but they’re also great for organising as you can see what’s inside without having to open them

3. Get storage on wheels

Buying storage boxes with wheels allows you to use spaces (such as under the bed or couch) as an extra set of drawers. Simply roll the boxes out when you need something and roll them back in when you’re done.

4. Use your cupboard doors

The back of cupboard and pantry doors are a great (and often overlooked) storage space.

Install racks and hooks onto the back of cupboard doors to give yourself extra storage that’s also convenient and easy to get at.

5. Install a pegboard

A pegboard is a cheap and brilliant way to store odd shaped items, tools or cutlery.

Not only are they easy to install and completely customisable, but they also allow you to use empty wall space that would otherwise go to waste. Try one in the kitchen, garage, workshop or tool shed.

6. Use old shoe boxes for drawer dividers

Don’t throw away your shoe boxes. You can use them (and their lids) to create shelf and drawer dividers to help keep your belongings neat and orderly.

Keeping items separate in drawers makes things easier to find and prevents small items from getting lost. If you want to make them look good you can cover them in matching wrapping paper and add labels.

7. Fold clothes on their sides (The KonMari method)

If you have drawers with clothes in them, don’t stack the clothes on top of one another, rather fold them tighter and place them side by side.

Not only does this allow you to store more clothes, but it also means you can see easily find what you’re looking for without disturbing the other items – a great way to keep things tidy!

8. Hang kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils such as mugs and pans take up a lot of unnecessary storage space because, unlike plates and bowls, you can’t stack them.

Instead, install hooks on the bottom of shelves or the top of cupboards so that you can hang them by their handles and store other items underneath. This saves space, keeps your kitchen organised and frees up kitchen surfaces.

9. Find pretty storage Baskets

Baskets are great decor items that allow you to maximise storage space. Invest in a few pretty baskets to keep the area looking neat and tidy, not matter how much chaos lies within!

10. Invest in a double duty furniture

Certain types of furniture can be super handy for storage. Keep an eye out for chests (they double as tables), hollow ottomans (they double as storage space) and couches or beds with drawers underneath or inside.

These items provide two uses and invaluable storage space, especially in a small home.

11. Install hanging racks

The ceiling is an under-utilised space. Installing a few ceiling racks will allow you to create extra storage, especially in areas like the garage or loft.

Most hardware stores sell hanging shelving that you can easily install yourself.

12. Use clear plastic boxes

Make use of the wasted vertical space by stacking items on top of one another.The trick is to store your items in clear containers so that you can see what’s inside without having to lift all the other items off the top.

This lets you make the most of cupboards and drawers and is a very low-cost way to keep drawers and cupboards organised.

These 12 simple home storage ideas will help you maximise the space you have and keep your home organised and looking great!

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