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Bikes Are The New Toilet Paper.

March 05, 2021 by Tony Vuong

Forget about bulk buying of toilet paper during the pandemic. Bike sales have more than tripled in the last 6 months of 2020.

Nat Bromhead from wrote an interesting assessment on the boom in cyclists across Australia in an article titled “State by State Stats: Traffic Count Shows Major Cycling Boom”

The indicators are strong pointing to the need for states to consider additional bike lanes and riding paths. With the increase in cyclists riding for leisure or in a competition format, the popularity of bikes cannot be ignored. 

Every state has taken their planning and environmental committees to task to work with cycling bodies to improve on existing and new cycle ways.
In a recent article from the ABC, Edwina Seselja reported on the shortage in supply for bike shops and wholesalers, with retailers selling out of their Christmas stocks as early as August 2020. 

Read the article for more details:

Kennards Self Storage was inundated with enquiries from customers wanting to purchase an affordable and usable option to store their bikes. Kennards Self Storage Box Shop has a wide range of packing and wrapping materials, the Bike Box was missing from its range. Working with cyclists and bike stores for their expertise, Kennards Self Storage Box Shop has developed from the ground up a purpose built Bike Box that would suit most bikes sold on the market for storing or packing away a bike.

The sturdy Bike Box measures 1385mm x 285mm x 770mm with a total internal capacity of 303.9L. Ergonomically friendly with grab handles ensures moving or transporting the bike box is made quick and easy for the user. 

Priced at only $29.95 the box is a steal and a small investment for the safe keep of your pride and joy.

Visit the Box Shop to purchase your Bike Box online or drop into your local Kennards Self Storage centre and one of their friendly team member can assist with any questions. 

Tony Vuong

Tony joined Kennards in 2011, bringing over 23 years’ experience in the retail industry. Tony’s career began with Coles Supermarkets, working his way through all levels of management and departments. Following this he became a franchisee to the Michel’s Patisserie chain of cake and coffee shops. Moving on from becoming a franchisee Tony was a franchise consultant for Michel’s Patisserie and the Boost Juice Bars group. Through these roles he has had extensive experience developing and managing people, bringing these skills to his role with Kennards. Tony’s interests includes watching and playing tennis, yum cha and anything food related.

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