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February 27, 2024 by Antone Boustani

Cardboard products make up more than 30% of the packaging industry. That’s because corrugated boxes are pretty popular. Regular slotted containers, for example, are one of the most widely used types of boxes for shipping and storage. Corrugated cartons are low cost, durable, and eco-friendly. However, not all boxes are made equal. That is to say, they vary a lot in terms of compressive strength, thickness, chemical resistance, and other factors.

You’ll need to know this when you have to choose suitable moving boxes for your packaging needs. The cardboard strength and construction directly impact the amount of weight a box can carry. A box too weak might puncture or collapse. On the other hand, an excessive box means you pay extra for material and add to environmental wastage.

To determine how storage boxes hold up against external influences manufacturers use multiple testing procedures. 

Here’s a round-up of common corrugated box testing methods used to check the strength of corrugated boxes. 

Corrugated Box Testing Methods:

1.    Bursting Strength Test
2.    Edge Crush Test 2 Single
3.    Water Resistance of the Gluing
4.    Cobb Sizing Tester
5.    Paper Grammage and Thickness
6.    Puncture Resistance
7.    Scuff Resistance Test
8.    Box Compression Test

#1– Bursting Strength Test
•    WHAT: Test box strength when subjected to pressure
•    WHY: To determine exact weight a box can carry, rough handling
The Mullen Test or Bursting Strength Test checks the toughness of the walls of the corrugated board when subjected to force or pressure. In this testing procedure, a rubber diaphragm is used to apply pressure to the walls of the corrugated box until it bursts. The diaphragm is expanded using hydraulics and as the diaphragm expands, the corrugated board bursts under pressure.

We measure the bursting strength in Kilograms per square centimetre. The Bursting factor is given as a thousand times the bursting strength, divided by the grammage of the board.

#2 – Edge Crush Test
•    WHAT: Cross-direction crushing of a corrugated board
•    WHY: To test material quality, stacking strength, pallet shipping endurance
One of the most popular methods to test the stacking strength of corrugated boxes is the Edge Crush Test or ECT. 

Every side of a corrugated box is made up of sheets that have three or more layers. Generally, a thin sheet with grooves and ridges is sandwiched between two flat sheets. These grooves and ridges, also known as flutes, provide anisotropic strength to a box. This means the boxes can bear a greater amount of force from one direction. Edge crush test, right test, or flat crush test helps determine this. 

In the Edge Crush test, force is applied to one side of the box, perpendicular to the ridges, until the box gets crushed. In the Ring Crush test, a ring cut out from the box is used to test the same. While in the flat crush test, excessive force is applied on one side. 

The results of the Edge Crush test are measured in pounds per lineal inch of load-bearing edge but represented as ECT.

ECT gives you an accurate idea of a box’s strength when they are stacked and shipped by pallets. Also, an ECT rated corrugated box uses less material than its equivalent Burst Test rated box, to provide an equivalent level of strength. This means it’s cheaper and less wasteful to purchase ECT rated boxes in bulk.

However, it is important to know that the above results (overall strength of a box) may vary based on the makeup of each corrugated sheet. Hence, knowing the type of corrugation is important before you make a decision.

#3 – Water Resistance of the Gluing
•    WHAT: Test water-resistance of the glue lines of a corrugated board
•    WHY: To test the impact of climatic conditions, moisture permeability, water absorption
Even though the fiberboard itself can absorb and retain water, testing the water-resistance of gluing or sealing is also important.  

In this type of test, the corrugated board is immersed in water while exposing the glue lines to check for bond strength and water absorption.

#4 – Cobb Sizing Tester
•    WHAT: Check water resistance and measure weight increase when exposed to water   
•    WHY: To test the quality of the box, porosity
The raw material that is used in the manufacture of corrugated fiberboards has a tendency to absorb water and retain it. The Cobb Sizing tester is used to the degree to which water is absorbed. 

In this test, corrugated fiberboard is first subjected to water. Then, the water is squeezed out of the sample using pressure. Usually, depending on the quality, all of the water is not removed in spite of the board being pressed by a heavy steel roller. The difference in weight because of the retained water is known as the Cobb value.

The lower the Cobb value the better the water resistance. The Cobb test is required for certain certifications, especially those involving hazardous material packaging.

#5 – Paper Grammage and Thickness
•    WHAT: Test the areal density and thickness
•    WHY: To test box quality and rigidity
Grammage and thickness are the two most fundamental properties of the corrugated fiberboards that determine the quality of the box. There is no “best” grammage or thickness mentioned in corrugated boxes specifications and it is completely based on your requirements. 

When more padding is required, a box with a higher thickness is used. The flutes of the corrugated board are larger and pack more air in them. Thin boards with dense flutes have a high grammage. Such boxes are needed when the packaging should be more compact and rigid.

Thickness is usually measured in (millimetres) mm and grammage is expressed in terms of grams per square meter (g/m2).

Thinner boards are easier to fold, lighter, and more suitable when it comes to printing or detailing. Thicker ones are more sturdy and appropriate for heavy-duty shipping. Usually, the type of flute (A, B, C, E, or F) determines the cardboard strength with C being the most common (4.0mm).

#6 – Puncture Resistance
•    WHAT: Test resistance to penetration by sharp, solid objects
•    WHY: To test cardboard strength and sturdiness during transportation
Puncture resistance tests how well the box can handle the impact made with a pyramid or triangularly shaped weight.  

#7 – Scuff Resistance Test
•    WHAT: Check durability of printed or painted boxes to resist abrasion
•    WHY: To ensure printed text on cardboard box can sustain rubbing, wearing
Printing is an integral part of packaging. With different types of printing methods being used, it’s important to check how well labels or prints can handle scuffing or abrasion. For this purpose, scuff resistance or rub proof tests are employed. There is the Sutherland Rub Test, which is an industry-standard testing procedure. Coated surfaces such as paper, films, paperboards and all other printed materials are tested using this procedure.
Alternative corrugated box testing methods are also available to test resistance to abrasion. These include rotary abrasion testers and even manual wiping. Scuff Resistance test is especially important for pharmaceutical or medical industries where label legibility is of prime importance. 

#8 – Box Compression Test
•    WHAT: Test compressive strength of a corrugated box
•    WHY: To measure the stacking strength of a pallet load
Box compression test, also known as container compression test, is a way to test how much load the box can take on top of it before it gets deformed and the extent to which it gets deformed. It gives us a good idea of how many boxes can be stacked together without damaging the contents of the lowermost box. This test is crucial to check the strength of boxes and is required by most industries transporting boxes in bulk.

The boxes are tested in different orientations. If the box design makes use of inner supports, such as wood support or corrugated board cushioning, then such factors are also taken into account.

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When you do a google search for packing boxes you find that a lot of people out there are looking for information for the humble box. We all know that a box is 4 walls a top and a bottom but that’s not all there is to it. You tend not to need to know about boxes until you need boxes. There is an easy answer. The Kennards Self Storage box shop is all you need. 

Kennards Self Storage is such a place. Kennards Self Storage team members are trained to be box specialists. Our knowledge and just as importantly experience with boxes and packing boxes is unmatched. Kennards Self Storage also offers Storage spaces for rent. This means we actually know what boxes are used for and where they end up. We care that you buy the correct item because we know the end game. Even better we buy back  boxes weather they are used or new. Try doing that somewhere else and see the look on their faces. 

Our team are passionate about all our customers that need storage or packaging items. You will walk in or call the centre and someone will actually talk to you and give you the time to help you with your questions, We will also make recommendations. Different items go into different boxes. Our team members will help you with this. 

Our team members will also aid in loading the boxes into your vehicle. No waiting, No fuss and no bad decisions. If you buy more than you need, we refund. We have even help customers to make the boxes easy to carry if you are catching a bus. 

Kennards Self Storage is one of the remaining places that takes pride in personal Customer Service. We stand by this, see what other have to say and look at our Google Reviews. We want and appreciate your business so we want to help you get what you need.

Kennards Self Storage boxes will get the job done. Our expertise means you will have the knowledge to buy the correct box. Packing some glass, we will show you the crockery box. Packing some files we will show you the archive box. We have over 20 options. Need to buy some cost-effective boxes we will show you our used boxes. Our boxes are that durable that we think they can be used multiple times, so much so that we will do a buyback of boxes when bought new.

Come into any of our sites across New Zealand or visit the web site and purchase packing boxes there, you can even have them delivered! 

Antone Boustani

Antone joined the Kennards Self Storage in 2012 as a Team Support Manager. Progressing to the roles of NSW Rostering Co-ordinator and Waterloo Centre manager led to the position of NSW Operations Manager in 2019. Antone has gained leadership skills at previous roles as a Manager at KFC and Decorug and did run his own business a Deli / Fruit shop called Naremburn Natural. He loves that we are the people that care and how that is achieved through procedures that enable our teams to offer great customer service. He is invested in improving himself and the team around him and believes that doing what you love is the key. Outside work Antone loves travelling overseas as much as getting on the open road and you can find him watching any type of sport but especially cricket.

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