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The Cure for Clutter 21

July 08, 2021 by Tony Vuong

Most of the world is moving forward with Covid 19 and adjusting to the new way of life. Snap lockdowns, travel restrictions, toilet paper shortages and so on have become the norm.

People have been renovating, moving, decluttering their homes, offices and business for years. Covid presented the ideal opportunity to revisit the items people possess. Whether its making room for your new “WFH” (Work From Home) office, decluttering the house for sale or just a general tidy up, Kennards Self Storage discovered the cure for this many years ago.

There is a buzz in the air with the roll out of the Covid 19 vaccine. The world has adopted this mass roll out creating Covid Vaccination Centres. Thousands of people are getting their vaccines at these dedicated centres around the world.

Kennards Self Storage discovered over 40 years ago a little talked about syndrome called “Clutter Syndrome.” Kennards Self Storage have been offering the cure for this for many years across its multiple locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

The cure is quite simple, Kennards Self Storage offer an endless variety of storage spaces for people to store their belongings, hence curing the clutter syndrome with their own declutter vaccine solutions. 

Kennards Self Storage have been a bit cheeky, now with their latest promo banners calling there locations “Clutter Vaccination Centres”.

The storage centres are ideal for those seeking to de-clutter and create space for change. Taking away the stress and lost time related to this syndrome 😊

With 97 locations across Australia and New Zealand you can find a “Clutter Vaccination Centre” near you, just visit or

Tony Vuong

Tony joined Kennards in 2011, bringing over 23 years’ experience in the retail industry. Tony’s career began with Coles Supermarkets, working his way through all levels of management and departments. Following this he became a franchisee to the Michel’s Patisserie chain of cake and coffee shops. Moving on from becoming a franchisee Tony was a franchise consultant for Michel’s Patisserie and the Boost Juice Bars group. Through these roles he has had extensive experience developing and managing people, bringing these skills to his role with Kennards. Tony’s interests includes watching and playing tennis, yum cha and anything food related.

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