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Allies Across The Tasman

July 24, 2020 by Fiona Harding

New Zealand, you called it. We are not true Kiwis! We snuck our way into New Zealand back in 2008 and made our mark with our bright Orange and Blue buildings. We soon learned of the patriotism that binds New Zealand, a very big Kudos to your country. There is no doubt us Aussies could learn a thing or two about your commitment to invest in your own homegrown country… but, here me out.

What we did do, was pioneer Self Storage in Australia and help make the industry what it is today. We’ve spent 47 years shaping Self Storage and the last 10 years detoxing the community from the “Storage Wars” stigma created by the U.S. media. When the opportunity came to assist in the New Zealand market we jumped, we knew our Trans-Tasman relationship was closely aligned when it came to providing storage customers an honest, open, and transparent experience. We were able to connect with other New Zealand storage providers and work together through the Self-Storage Association – a peak industry body in Australia and New Zealand that supports other storage members through education, advocacy, and advice.

Rest assured we’re not a giant corporate company, we’re a family business. In fact, our head office employs a small number of 30 people spread across, finance, customer service, information technology, and operations. Our New Zealand Operation Manager a born and bred Kiwi based in Three Kings does a stellar job of keeping us in check.

What we do really well is work hard to provide good old genuine value and service. Whether you visit Kennards WellingtonKennards Auckland or any of our other storage centres, by assured we provide the same great service. Our people care!

Don’t be annoyed if our team ask you questions when you arrive. We have more than 1,000 different storage unit sizes from storage lockers to commercial storage spaces. It’s our job to find you the right fit. We also help customers understand their packing needs, it’s not uncommon for our team to recommend the number of cardboard boxes needed for moving home, and, if you buy too many moving boxes don’t worry, we buy them back.

So, whether you are a ‘Bro’ or a ‘Mate’ storing a ‘Chilly Bin’ or an ‘Esky’ we are one team trying to create one standard. So, when it comes to self storage, we hope you find us ‘Choice’!

Fiona Harding

Fiona Harding is a passionate and driven Business Development Manager specialising in National Accounts and Customer Relationship Management. Joining Kennards in 2005 she is committed to finding long term sustainable storage solutions for companies looking to decentralise their operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Fiona completed studies in Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and SWSI graduating in 2008. She consistently uses her creative flare to deliver first class customer service and out of the box solutions for clients.

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