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Happy Wellington Storage Team

August 07, 2020 by Kennards Self Storage

I am fortunate in my role as an Operations Manager at Kennards Storage that I can travel around and spend time with my teams all over the North Island in New Zealand. Recently on my visit to our Wellington Self Storage site that most locals know of by our distinct orange and blue exterior branding, I experienced one of those days when I appreciated how well my teams work together and focus on customer interactions which is so positive and accommodating.

Our Wellington team is led by Simon Spring who is supported by two Assistant Managers – Mel Hiri and Steve Button. The combination of age, experience, diversity and attitude make a very constructive work environment. This site is currently our largest asset in the NZ portfolio and continues to operate at a high-performance level. The foot traffic that comes in just for boxes and packaging is surprising. The impressive display of the storage box range really stands out and makes it easy for customers to understand what size and strength cardboard boxes they really need, along with the offer of buy-back after the box is used is a very popular option at this site.

Taking the opportunity to speak to some storers on the day, a plus was the site location off Hutt Road close to the CBD end by the Sky Stadium, making access convenient and easy with the rear drive gate allowing the ability to drive up to multiple levels of the facility, this was a significant reason why people chose to store here, along with access to trolleys and that care is taken by the team to keep everything so clean and tidy. I also noticed many customers know each other, coming to visit your self storage unit is also a chance to have a coffee and chat with friends. It seems Wellington has a big coffee culture, which I happen to enjoy as well.

The drive way loading dock entrance on Hutt Road where many larger units that we refer to as Enterprise Space sizes (warehouse storage) are located was almost full of business customers that day. Some working out of them on a regular basis, and when I asked them their main reason to use Kennards warehouse storage solutions, the reply was the ‘no lease no bond no legals’ that Kennards offer, this was the principal reason along with access and of course our Wellington team who are always so friendly and helpful.

At the end of the day I had immense comfort and pride in my team at Kennards Self Storage Wellington and that we are so fortunate to work in this business.

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