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Move in Easy at Three Kings

June 28, 2019 by Andrew Kirkham

It has never been easier to move your items in and out of your storage unit with the onsite availability of the  EMU ( Easy Moving Unit ) for hire or a horse float trailer to move in for free.

The Emu is available to hire at economical rates at any time from Kennards Self Storage Three Kings starting from just $25 per hour for those quick trips around the central city area or if you have a lot of items or need to travel a few kms, the daily rate at $120.00 can give you peace of mind.

Driving the EMU is easy, it is automatic transmission and you only need a car license to drive. Simply drop into the office and complete the easy sign off form with the Three Kings team located just off Mt Eden road where Danske Mblier and Harvey Furnishers are located.

The height of the van is good enough to stand up your family sized refrigerator so there is heaps of room for all your furniture and boxes – just remember the van height when you finish and decide to treat yourself or the usual helpers to McDonalds – it does not fit through the drive thru 🙂

While the EMU is popular, if you have a tow bar, a free move in trailer is also available at Kennards Three Kings as well. Being a traditional covered horse float type trailer, be assured all your items are safe and secure in a covered trailer that is easy to turn with a trolley directional wheel and useful for those small item moves that may not justify the hire cost of the EMU.

Booking is easy with the Kennards Three Kings team with a quick phone call or email, and when you do ask about the insurance excess reduction option when you book – it will definitely give you peace of mind should anything happen.

So if you need to move those items into storage and thought it might be difficult, the Three Kings EMU may just be the answer to getting it done!

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Andrew Kirkham

Andrew has been Operations Manager for Kennards Self Storage New Zealand since 2008. Previously working in Operations Management roles in Private Health Care, Cleaning and Car Parking. Having a hands on approach to his role and a quiet competitive nature that likes to lead his Team to success. Being an avid Cricket and Rugby fan, he is particularly loyal to the NZ National teams.

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