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How Much Does Storage Cost?

May 25, 2020 by Darren Marshall

The most commonly asked question when searching for information about storage in Google is “How much does storage cost?”. There are approximately 500K searches for storage Australia wide increasing on average 12% each year. The data suggests that storage is a growing need for people in Australia.

So how much does storage cost?

Typically in the industry, storage rent is paid monthly in advance with costs varying depending on the size and position of the storage space within a facility as well as the location of the storage facility itself.

What do I mean!

Size does matter, make sure you work out exactly how much space you need. That way you don’t pay for storage you don’t need. Typically, the bigger the space the higher the cost. If you need help, most storage operators have a size calculator available to use on their website. You can also contact the storage centre direct and speak with a Team Member who has been extensively trained to help customers work out exactly how much space you need.

The position of the storage space in the facility can have an impact on what you pay, you will pay more for convenience. If convenience is not important to you, potentially you can save some money. Many storage facilities will have a mix of spaces with drive-up access, ground floor access, or lift access. A half garage will range in price between these locations with drive-up being the most expensive and convenient while upstairs will be the cheapest storage and the most inconvenient. Keep in mind a unit upstairs often comes with a goods or passenger lift to make moving your goods to the upper levels that little bit easier. A ground floor space will usually fall somewhere in between.

If you are prepared to travel you can potentially save money on your storage costs. Storage facilities in CBD inner-city areas will generally be more expensive than storage locations in more suburban regional locations. The difference could be up to 50% or more depending on your needs. If you don’t need to access to the space often and you don’t mind the travel this is a good way to save money.

Storage Special Offers & Discounts 

Many operators offer a better rate for customers booking storage online, operators do this to encourage online bookings. This requires less overhead with a streamlined sign up process. Storage Discounts will vary between operators but will generally provide savings of around 10% on your storage rent for booking online.

Different Storage Operators may offer discounts, this will be visible online, or you can ring and ask the storage operator if they are offering any specials or discounts on storage spaces at this time. Some operators will price match. Offering deals can happen when vacancies are higher than usual within a storage facility.

Many operators provide a discount for paying in advance typically if you pay six or twelve months in advance you can receive a discount of 5% to 10% on your storage rent. This is available because storage operators enjoy the security of a long-term customer, and the rent sits in the bank account of the operator accruing interest.

Kennards Self Storage offers discounts for payment of storage from six to twelve months in advance, we also offer storage Hot Deals, these are bargain basement storage units that are not perfect but will still meet the needs of someone who requires storage and wants to save money.

Only available at participating stores, these storage deals are “Hot”, don’t last long, and are subject to change. Available only online.

Storage Fees & Charges

This is something to watch, additional fees are very standard in the storage industry. Fees such as an upfront deposit which can be up to $50, are handled differently between operators. Some will take the amount of the deposit off your first month’s rent, or they may refund the deposit when you finally move out of storage. There are also Admin fees for processing your storage booking and cleaning fees used to cover the cleaning of the space when you move out. Other fees may include Credit Card surcharge.

When you store with Kennards Self Storage there are absolutely no additional fees as described above, we do not charge a credit card fee, just one simple monthly rent amount that’s all very simple and easy. This allows us to keep the conversation simple so that we can focus on what’s important for you and your storage needs.

Another important question to understand is what happens if you move out halfway through the month? Across the industry rental is paid in advance. Many storage operators do not refund any rent on early move-out or will refund full months only and keep any partial month fees.

At Kennards Self Storage we refund all unused rent back to the day of vacate to ensure customers never pay for the storage you don’t use. This philosophy goes along with our no fees “Fair Go Pricing” policy for our customers.

Hopefully this was helpful. When the need for storage arises this is generally during a time of stress. Our goal is to take the pain out of renting a storage space making it easy and stress-free. We do not generally discount but we do offer value for your one simple monthly rent amount. We understand we may not be the right storage solution for everyone who is looking to store but we hope that this information helps you in making a choice that is right for you.

Darren Marshall

Darren Marshall is the General Manager for Kennards Self Storage a privately owned family business. With over 15 years’ experience in the self storage industry and over 30 years of Operational experience. In that time developing a strong understanding that people make all the difference in an organisation.

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