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Self Storage Unit, Do I Need One?

July 28, 2017 by Andrew Kirkham

Over time, the demand and use of self storage has increased as people realise that life is much easier if you declutter your surroundings – or like the saying goes – “A tidy desk means a tidy mind”, many people rent a storage unit for really good logical reasons!

Moving your home:
If you are relocating or selling your home, renting a self storage unit is often needed – in particular when selling, as presenting your home at its best requires cleaning and moving out furniture to make the property more open and easy to view. The best place for your items is to store them in a Kennards Self Storage unit until you have a new home. Often when you move house, the new home is not always ready on the same date – fear not knowing your items are in a storage unit until you are ready, gives peace of mind that everything is in one place and secure – saving your stress!

Life Events:
They say in life – always expect the unexpected! Whether it is a family bereavement, break up in relationship or chance at a new job somewhere else, sometimes the event requires time and logistics to be worked out. Why worry and stress over making everything happen at once, place your items in a storage unit and achieve things at your own pace, better long term decisions are made without pressure. Remember storage is paid month by month and Kennards pro rata back a refund for the part of a month not used so you only pay for the storage.

Valuable items:
Sometimes things are best done yourself. While we can recommend removalists who move items every day, valuable items or anything that is sentimental need to be kept out of harm’s way and is best moved by you. Since storage units at Kennards Self Storage come in over 25 different sizes, we have just the right amount of space for whatever your need storing until you are ready to move them, also saving you money as you only rent the space you need for the time you want.

Hiding Birthday and Christmas Gifts:
If your family is like mine, they like to search for presents ahead of time. I have discovered the way to keep the surprise is renting a storage unit to hide those gifts until the special day. Let’s face it – try hiding something from your kids at home, they know all the places to look and sometimes items like a bike or piece of furniture is either too big or awkward to hide – play safe and keep it in a storage unit, it works every time!

When you redecorate your home, everything there is now in the way. Yes you can cover things while you paint, however no matter how much you cover things up, something always ends up getting marked or tainted. Take away the doubt and place those items in a storage unit. You will appreciate the extra space to move around and work within, plus the excitement of moving items back into a newly decorated home can be such a great feeling of accomplishment.

Storing sports or activity equipment:
Often sports equipment like skis for example can be bulky and you need to be careful when storing that they do not become damaged or it is an expensive repair cost. So keeping them at home is not always the best ideal. Using a storage unit provides a better solution that gives peace of mind and ensures you have control and condition – something that cannot always be guaranteed at home.

There are many more examples of the benefits of storing; perhaps a chat with the team at your local Kennards Self Storage centre will help you decide on a self storage unit to suit you. You will look back and wonder why you didn’t do this months ago.

Andrew Kirkham

Andrew has been Operations Manager for Kennards Self Storage New Zealand since 2008. Previously working in Operations Management roles in Private Health Care, Cleaning and Car Parking. Having a hands on approach to his role and a quiet competitive nature that likes to lead his Team to success. Being an avid Cricket and Rugby fan, he is particularly loyal to the NZ National teams.

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