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Tips For The Ultimate Spring Clean

October 14, 2016 by Kennards Self Storage

Spring has arrived! If you’re thinking of doing your annual home spring clean these tips will not only save you time and effort, but they’ll make the process more enjoyable as well.

1. Assess each room

Before you embark on your spring clean, it’s a good idea look into each area and assess the amount of work that needs to be done. This first assessment, even if it’s a quick one, will allow you to identify any problem areas and get a good picture of what will need to happen.
Once you’ve got a better idea of the project scope you’ll be able to ensure you have the right tools and can set aside the right amount of time to get the job done right.
If you do this assessment and find yourself worried that the project is too large, it may help to separate the task over different days. You can separate by areas such as upstairs/downstairs or group rooms together, but beware of going too small as you may find you lose motivation halfway through.

2. Get insider knowledge

If you think the digital revolution has nothing to do with housekeeping, think again! There are so many great cleaning and homemaking tips and resources online – some of which will be new to even the most domesticated among us.
Before you begin it pays to do a bit of research online first. Search for tips and tricks on anything your spring clean might involve (everything from folding fitted sheets to organising the garage) and you’re bound to find a quicker or better way of doing it.

3. Get the right tools
It’s important to equip yourself with everything you need before you begin your spring clean. It wastes a lot of time to run from room to room (or to the store) to get the things you need; so make sure you have them all ready before you begin.
In addition, buying cleaning products and tools that’ll make your job easier and more enjoyable is key to a successful and thorough spring clean.

4. Move like clockwork

When you start cleaning a room, a pro tip is to mentally divide it up into the areas of a clock face. Start your cleaning at 12:00 and work your way around through until you end up back where you started.
This works because drifting between areas can waste time and, if you don’t finish one area before you move onto the next, it can make you feel as though you’re not making any progress.

5. Declutter as you clean

As you go through each area on your clock face, start the process on each new area by throwing out the things you no longer want to keep. Not only is decluttering a great part of any spring clean, but it’ll create more space which makes each area look cleaner than the actual cleaning does.
Decluttering doesn’t only involve throwing items away: a great way to declutter is to move seasonal clothes and items you don’t use very often to a storage unit. This creates a lot of extra space in your home without meaning that you have to get rid of anything permanently.

6. Clean from top to bottom
When you get to the cleaning, remember to work with gravity: dust falls downwards so you’ll get a deeper clean if you work from top to bottom.
Moving from top to bottom also helps you not to miss anything: think lampshades and fan blades and all those hard-to-reach areas that have been collecting dust for months.

7. Separate ‘need to do’ and the ‘nice to do’
When you plan each room make sure you keep the main goals in mind and do them first. It’s easy to get swept up in doing small tasks (like organising your bookshelves alphabetically) and then find you’ve got to the end of the day and done none of the actual cleaning.
Make a mental note of the most important tasks and don’t move onto the other stuff until you’ve got it done.

8. Prepare before you start

Stock the fridge, make a cleaning playlist, turn off your phone and put away any distractions. When it comes to spring cleaning you’ll find you start to lose momentum if you don’t have everything prepared and ready to go before you begin.
Tools like a good music playlist and some quick snacks will help you keep going for longer and enjoy the process more. The more prepared you are at the start the smoother the whole process will be.

9. Limit your time
It’s a good idea to set aside ample time to complete your spring clean, but that doesn’t mean you should stop watching the clock. It can be very easy to spend too much time in one area so be sure to keep an eye on the time.
It helps to set a reminder every hour to keep aware of how the time is flying. This will also create a certain sense or urgency that’ll keep you motivated and prevent you from running out of time before you’ve finished the whole house.
Spring cleaning can become a very enjoyable task if you’re well prepared and approach it with the right mindset. Just follow the steps listed in these 9 tips above and you’ll be well on your way to completing your best and more thorough spring clean yet!

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