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Top Decor Tips for Downsizers

July 12, 2016 by Kennards Self Storage

How to prepare for your downsize:

You never realise just how many things you have until you have to move house – especially if the house you’re moving into is a smaller one.

While downsizing can be a decor challenge, it can also be a great opportunity. By getting rid of some of your old clutter you can free up your space and finally do that spring clean you’ve been thinking about for ages.

In fact, if you do it right you can make your smaller space feel larger than your old one!

Follow the steps below to learn how to organise, declutter and decorate your new home to make it look and feel twice the size.

How to declutter (without throwing things away):

Downsizing does mean you’ll have to whittle down the list of things to take with you. However, it does not mean you have to throw cherished or useful items away.

Self-storage, sale and donations are all great options which don’t have to end with things you once loved in the bin. Send them on to a new home (or store them away from yours) for instant decluttering that doesn’t pull on the heartstrings.


Selling some of your unused items is a great way to make some extra money and isn’t as labour intensive as you might think.

Gumtree, Trading Post and eBay are all simple and easy online sales platforms, and you can simply ask the buyer to collect the item from your home, or organise a delivery. You can also harness the power of social media and join local community groups (especially on Facebook) that connect people who have items to buy/lend/sell/swap in similar areas.


Storage is a great way to declutter without throwing out the items you still use from time to or those you never use but just can’t bear to get rid of.

Some items you might consider moving to a storage unit:

•  Seasonal items. This includes things like winter/summer clothes, formal dresses, summer or winter sports equipment (snow skis or paddle boards) extra blankets and more.

•  Things you don’t use very often but still need. This often includes camping equipment, bulky kitchen equipment like juicers and pasta makers, formal crockery and luggage sets.

•  Sentimental items. Your old wedding dress, children’s baby clothes or special treasures are things you needn’t part with.

•  Files and documents. Folders, old files and important documents can easily get lost but also clutter up drawers fast. Keep them in storage to avoid both these issues.

•  Items you collect. Your extensive doll collection or Woodstock memorabilia shouldn’t be thrown out but it may not have a place in your new home. Storage is the perfect place for it.

•  Sporting equipment. Golf clubs, windsurfers, mountain bikes, scuba gear and other sporting equipment takes up a lot of space but probably only gets used once a week. Keeping it in a storage unit helps keep it conveniently close but not in your space.

•  Vehicles. Make more space in your garage by storing vehicles (jet skis, dirt bikes, trailers, boats, caravans, cars) that you only use when you go on holiday in vehicle storage.


Donating goods and clothing is a great way to declutter while also helping others. There is no shortage of charities who would be delighted with your donations and a simple Google search will provide the contact details of those nearest to you.

Now you’ve got rid of your surplus stuff, let’s look at how to decorate your place to maximise space:

How to make a small room look bigger:

•  Start by painting rooms in light colours

Lighter hues make a room feel more spacious than dark or very bright colours. Painting walls (and ceilings) soft and pale colours is a great decor trick to help a room feel larger.

•  Don’t anchor all your furniture to a wall or into corners

When decorating small spaces we’re often tempted to push all furniture against the walls to create more floor space, but leaving breathing room around your furniture actually makes the room look more spacious.

•  Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in a room can help make it look bigger and add more light. Tables with mirrored surfaces are also good for creating the illusion of space.

•  Find multi-functional furniture

Clever furniture can make a big difference in a smaller house. Ottomans that double as coffee tables, beds with storage drawers underneath, chairs that fold up, sleeper couches and benches that can be converted into bookshelves are always great choices in a smaller home.

•  Go easy on colours and patterns

Decorating with many colours and patterns can visually close a space up. Try sticking to one colour palette to make the room look and feel larger.

•  Make use of vertical space

Installing shelves above eye level not only looks great, but it also draws the eyes upwards as one enters a room; a clever trick interior decorators use to create the illusion of space.

•  Use glass or delicate furniture

Chunky furniture can eat space both visually and practically, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a mini version of everything. Try to find furniture which has slender legs (tables and chairs), has gaps in it so you can see through (dining room chairs, bookshelves) or is made of glass or clear plastic.

•  Put it on display:

Just because you don’t have the cupboard space doesn’t mean you have to throw it out. Items like vases, pots/pans, magazines book and even clothes can look great on display.

Downsizing is more convenient in so many ways, and as you can see, the process doesn’t have to be difficult either. By decluttering and employing a few smart decor tips you can make the most of your new home and even create more space than you had before!

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