No Lease, so seriously flexible


No Lease - Super Flexible

Looking for an affordable storage warehouse to rent for your business? You’ve found it!

With Kennards Self Storage Your business is not tied to a fixed Lease ­ so you only pay for what you use. Easy month-­to­-month storage rental means you can move or vacate any time. You can also adjust your size needs according to your business requirements or season, it’s that simple.

This provides greater flexibility and less risk for your business: No Lease, no Bond, no Legals. Our simple Licence Agreement means you do not commit long term, because we know that not everybody is ready for that!

What’s more: you save money with our no bond and no personal guarantees arrangement and, you don’t have to pay any legal costs. It’s an out and out win.

Rental also includes all statutory outgoings ­ so you know exactly how much it will cost. With Kennards, the only surprises we like are the good kind, because we’re people who care.