Ultimate Storage guide

Ultimate Storage guide

Learn the best way to store absolutely anything. Whether you’re looking to declutter and save space, rent out your house, going abroad or simply storing your furniture between moves, this guide contains all the best resources on how to store anything. These tips and tricks will help you keep your belongings in good shape while they’re in storage, so whether you’re gone a week or a year you’ll find them in the same condition as the day you left them.



Furniture is bulky and comes in a variety of different fabrics and shapes. Here are the best ways to store your furniture:


The best way to store couches is to give them a good clean beforehand and let them dry completely before you pack them up.

You’ll want to store them the right way up if you’re storing them long term, as they can bend out of shape over time. You should also avoid placing heavy items on top of them for this reason.

Make sure your storage unit is clean and dry, and that your couch is kept out of any sunlight. Fabric couches will absorb smells in the storage unit, so make sure you don’t store them with anything that has a strong odour.

For more step-by-step information on storing your couch or sofa. Read this


Leather Furniture

Leather furniture will need to be completely clean, kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a place that’s completely dry and isn’t humid. You may also want to treat the leather with a conditioning wax to protect it and prevent over drying if it’s going to be in storage for an extended period of time.

Be careful about placing other items on your leather couch or chair as it will leave an imprint that’s impossible to get out! For best results, you’ll also want to cover them with a dust sheet or heavy fabric cover, but avoid plastic!

For more information on storing leather furniture, this is a great resource



Chairs are fairly simple storage items and can be prepared and stored in much the same way as couches: clean, dry, upright, out direct sunlight, covered and in a way that prevents them from being bent out of shape.

Only stack them on top of one another if they are made of a material that can withstand this, and, if possible, make several small stacks instead of one very large one. This article gives more advice on packing your storage unit and storing chairs

Chairs are more of a challenge to store in your own home, especially if you are short on space. This article shows you how to store chairs in way that’s chic, trendy and adds to the overall decor



Tables are an investment and you’ll want to take proper care of them before you place them in storage. If your table is wooden, clean the table thoroughly and polish or treat the wood a few days before you place it in storage.

Make sure your table is completely dry before you place it in storage and make sure that your storage unit is completely dry as well. You should also ensure that your table to kept well away from any direct sunlight or humidity.

Buy a cover or protector for your table and, if you’re moving it, you may also want to pad the corners and edges to prevent damage while in transit.

Some tables are also able to be taken apart or dismantled. This will save a lot of space in your storage unit and is often worth investigating. Just make sure you store all the screws, allen keys and small pieces in a clear plastic bag taped to the table to avoid loss.

For more table moving tips, read this


Wall Art

Artworks are very sensitive to the elements and should be stored with the greatest of care. The storage unit you choose should be climate controlled and free of any humidity or liquid. Of course, your artworks should also be kept out of direct sunlight and are often best stored in specialised art boxes or bags.

For more information on the best ways to clean, pack and store art, read


Mirrors and frames are fairly easy to store if they’re packed and moved correctly. A broken glass frame or shattered mirror can be very upsetting, so you’ll want to wrap them up and pad them very well before moving them into storage.

This video shows you exactly how to safely pack mirrors and frames




Get your rug professionally cleaned and ensure that it is completely dry before storing it. Some rug fabrics will need special cleaning, so be sure to check what that is before you send it to the cleaners.

When the times comes to pack up your rug the number 1 rule is never to fold it. This causes deep creases that will never come out! Instead, roll it up into a sausage shape.

You should also store your rug in a dry unit that’s free of humidity and direct sunlight. You may also want to cover it with a cotton cloth or sheet. To find more in-depth information on rug storage, read this


Mattresses are a big investment and should be stored with care. Make sure your mattress is clean and dry before you store it, and avoid stacking it standing up as this can cause it to buckle over time.

When moving your mattress, a good tip is to place an old fitted sheet to cover both sides of the mattress as this will keep it clean during the move.

For more information on storing mattresses, this is a great resource


Bed base

Storing the bed base is a lot simpler than storing the mattress, however care should still be taken when cleaning and packing it. If possible, dismantle the bed base completely as this will make it easier to store and to move.

Find out how best to store your bed base




The kitchen is full of appliances and fragile items that require special attention for storage. Here are the best tips for dealing with them:


Clean and defrost your refrigerator completely before storing it. When moving and packing it, keep it the right way up and avoid carrying it or laying it down on its side, back or top.

For more tips on how to clean and store a refrigerator that’s no longer in use, see here


Microwaves are easy to store in a storage unit and require very little prep other than thorough cleaning. When they’re in storage, store them the right way up for best results.

While microwaves are easy to store in a unit, in the home these appliances can take up valuable counter space and be tricky to store neatly. This article gives you smart and chic ways to integrate a microwave in your home

Small Kitchen appliances:

Like microwaves, small kitchen appliances are easy to store in a unit, but take up space in the home. This resource shows great ways to hide and store kitchen appliances:


Crockery and chinaware

Delicate items like crockery and china will need to be packed are stored carefully to avoid breakage. This article offers great advice on how to pack crockery for storage

In your kitchen, crockery needs to be easily accessible, but can be difficult to stack and store. The article provides smart and chic ways to store plates and other crockery in your kitchen



Clothes and Linen:

Storing clothes and linen is a great idea if you have seasonal gear or want to save space in your cupboards.


There is a right way to store linen items such as tablecloths, napkins, bedwear and clothes. This article by Martha Stewart provides all the information you’ll need to properly protect and store linens


Coats are seasonal, meaning that you can open up a lot more room in your cupboards if you store them during summer. It’s always best to have them dry cleaned before moving them into storage, and make sure that your unit is clean and dry. Sometimes it’s worth placing a few humidity packs (silica works well) in the pockets.

This article tells you exactly how to pack and store coats in spring and summer


Suits are special clothing items that require a bit of extra love and attention. Whether it’s your wedding suit you want to preserve or even that tux you don’t wear very often, this article gives you all the details on long term suit storage

If you’d rather keep all your suits and formal way close at hand, it’s a good idea to learn the best way to fold, hang and store them in your own cupboard. This helpful article tells you all you need to know

Packing a suit for a trip can end up in a creased mess. Read this piece to learn how to store a suit in a suitcase



Leather clothing is both chic and timeless, provided you take good care of your leather items. If you’re storing leather the top tip is never to fold it as any creases will set in forever. You’ll also want to keep them in a cotton garment bag and avoid hanging them on wire hangers. Padded hangers are best.

For more advice on storing leather jackets, read this

And if you want more advice on storing leather pants, read this

For information on how to store leather boots and shoes, scroll down to the shoe section below.


Fur is very valuable but it’s also tricky to maintain. If you’re planning on storing your fur coats you’ll need to give them a bit of prep before you pop them into your storage unit.

This article has some helpful insight and advice on how to store fur clothing and coats


Hats are easy to store, but should best be kept in a hat box so that they maintain their shape. If your hat if floppy and you’re worried about creases setting in, stuff the inside of the hat with acid-free tissue paper.

For more hat storage tips and tricks read



Ties are a favourite collector’s item for many a businessman, and with a little care they can last a lifetime. This pie offers great advice on storing and maintaining your ties


Bras can be a folding challenge due to their shape, but once you’ve learned how to properly fold them, storage will be a breeze. Read this for the best ways of folding and storing all types of bras


Wedding Dress

Of all the items of clothing you own, nothing comes close to the dress you wore on your big day. Naturally, you’ll want to store and preserve it as best you can, not only for yourself but perhaps for future generations?

Make sure your storage unit is clean, dry and free of humidity. You’ll also want to keep the fabric covered and away from sunlight or heat. Thick fabrics are best not folded, so a good padded hanger is a great option.

Read this for in-depth advice on how to pack and store your wedding dress after the big day




Shoes can last a lot longer if properly stored and cared for. Here are some top tips on shoe storage:

The best to store shoes:

For great ideas on how to store and display all your shoes, read this article


Boots of all shapes and sizes benefit from a little prep before being placed in storage. This is a great piece on how to properly store and care for your boots


A good stiletto collection is a source of joy for many women. Find out how to store and protect your most valued shoes





Handbags are a great investment and can last a lifetime if properly stored and cared for.

This article shows you smart ways to store handbags in your closet

Here you’ll learn how to store and care for bags when you’re not using them


Luggage sets are great, but they do dominate a lot of storage space. Here are some smart ways to store bulky luggage and suitcases



Sporting equipment:

Storing your sporting equipment is a great idea as it frees up a lot of space around the house but is also convenient to get to. Here are some common ‘toys’ that might be best in storage:


Bicycles are a very common storage item as they are valuable but take up a lot of space in the home. Here’s the best way to store/maintain a bike long term in a storage unit

If you want to store your bike in a small home, here are some tips



Skis and snowboards are best stored in the off season or between trips. Here’s some professional advice on cleaning and storing them

Surfboard/Paddle board

Learn how to care for and store your pride and joy

Boards take up a lot of room, especially if you have more than one. This video shows the best ideas for storing your surfboard in your home


Not everyone has a home big enough to store a kayak, but they work really well in self storage. Here are are great tips on how to store your kayak when not using it

Saddles & tack

Saddles and tack is expensive and, being mostly leather, it needs a bit of attention if it is to be stored. This great article will tell you how to store your saddle long-term




Vehicle storage is a great way to keep your car, boat, bike or RV out of harm’s way when you’re not using it. Here are a few great vehicle storage resources:


Storage is a great idea if you’re going away or have too many vehicles for your garage. Here are a few great tips on prepping your car for long-term car storage


Unless you have a boat garage, storage is a great place to keep your boat when you’re not on the water.

This article tells you how to get your boat ready for storage

The best way to store your boat


Caravans & RVs

Keep your RV in top shape while you’re away or not using it.

How to prep and store your caravan or RV


Read this to find out how to prep your motorbike for long term storage

This article offers more information on the best way to store your motorbike




Wine storage is a great way to let your bottles mature in the right conditions and keep them safe from the temptation of opening them early!

Here are a few basic tips for storing all types of wine

Champagne and sparkling wine require special storage methods. This is a great article on how to store Champagne/Sparkling wine

So maybe you’re not a wine collector, but you’ve opened the bottle and want to know how best to store it? Here are some great tips




Electronics require a bit of prep if you’re going to be storing them for a long period of time. Here are some top tips and tricks:


Learn how to store a laptop that’s not in use



Find out how to store your old phone so that you can use it again

Speakers and hi-fis

Read great tips on how to store speakers and hi-fis long term:




A music collection is a source of pride and joy to many people, and, generally speaking, the best collections are not stored on laptops. Find out how to keep your music collections safe with these storage methods:

Vinyl Records

Vinyl is back in fashion, but for many it never left. Here’s how to store your precious and irreplaceable records


Here are the best cloud-based music storage systems

String instrument storage:

If you prefer to make the music yourself, find out how best to store guitars and other string instruments


Learn how to protect and store a piano




Photographs contain treasured moments and memories. Find out how best to preserve them with these great tips.

Old photographs:

How to store and protect old photographs

Digital photographs:

How to digitally store photos




Books are like old friends you can keep revisiting. Read this article to find out how best to properly and safely store books for longevity

Storage Unit:

And finally, now that you know how to store all your possessions, you might find you’re running out of room in your storage unit!

The good news is that if you pack it properly, you’ll not only create more room in your storage unit, you’ll also make it easier for yourself to find and access things.

The following article offers great advice on how to pack your self storage unit