Our Partners & Friends


Our Partners & Friends

Many organisations have become strongly attached to our company for many reasons. Some of these companies have been loyal suppliers, with strong affiliation to see our company shine and prosper. We have collaborated for many years to innovate and ensure the highest standards for our customers.

Others have become associated with us because we have gravitated to their outstanding work in helping others. We support these causes because their impact is obvious and compelling. 

Here we would like to recognise and commend these organisations for the work they do and the contributions they make.


TEAK Construction

TEAK Construction undertake a variety of project types, from low rise to multi-storey buildings. They have successfully completed over 500 projects since its formation in 1992. 

TEAK Construction are Kennards preferred builder in Auckland.

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Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts is a volunteer-run charity dedicated to ensuring that ALL BABIES in New Zealand get the best start in life. Giving away FREE life-changing baby boxes to vulnerable families, containing everything a baby needs at birth, plus extra health and safety items.

Kennards self Storage Wellington are a drop off point for Little Sprouts donated goods.

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CISV provides a range of unique and educational group activities which develop cross-cultural understanding in children, youth and adults from around the world. By encouraging respect for cultural differences and the development of self-awareness, CISV empowers each participant to incorporate these values into their lives as they become global citizens and strive for a more just and peaceful world.

Kennards Self Storage are supporters of CISV providing discounted storage space at Three Kings. 

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Millennium Technologies

Millennium Technologies is a full service provider to business for supply and repair of all electronic devices with fast reliable and high quality repairs and support throughout New Zealand. They are able to handle everything from Computer/phones and other electronic devices in the office to access control systems such as exterior Gate Motors and PIN pads and service.”

Kennards Self Storage use there services for all of our 8 sites throughout New Zealand.

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