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Results for: Personal Storage in North Island, New Zealand

Onekawa Centre (113.92kms away)

Kennards Building

8 Waitane Place
Onekawa NZ 4110

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Hastings Centre (115.56kms away)


101A Southampton Street East
Hastings NZ 4122

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Napier Centre (116.59kms away)

Kennards Building

156 Wellesley Road
Napier NZ 4110

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Palmerston North Centre (122.55kms away)


19 Jasper Place
Palmerston North NZ 4414

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Tauranga Centre (175.94kms away)

Photo of Kennards

7 Brook Street
Tauranga NZ 3112

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Wellington Centre (236.15kms away)


19 Hutt Road
Thorndon Wellington NZ 6035

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Three Kings Centre (270.01kms away)


30 Hunters Park Drive
Three Kings NZ 1024

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Mt Eden Centre (273.71kms away)


3 Porters Avenue
Mt Eden NZ 1024

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This centre will be opening in August 2020.

Wairau Valley Centre (284.3kms away)


125 Wairau Road
Wairau Valley NZ 0627


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