Vehicle Storage

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Vehicle Storage

There’s nothing better than a great outdoor adventure; whether it’s camping, quad biking, a fishing trip, a 4X4 experience or just a road trip through the country ­ one of the best things about living in New Zealand is access to the untamed wilderness. If you’re like most people, you work during the week and head out on weekends, which often means that the outdoor equipment you acquire starts infringing on your space at home.

To help with that problem, Kennards offers specialised vehicle storage which allows you to store all your favourite toys ­ keeping them out of your way until you need them. Store your car, boat, caravan, jet­ski and all other vehicles in one of our storage spaces and you free up your home while still having access to them at a moment's notice. We have a range of storage options for all kinds of cars, boats and recreational vehicles. Our vehicle storage is not only really affordable, like all our storage units it’s also incredibly flexible ­ because you never know when adventure will call.

If it’s not 4X4s but classic cars that get your heart racing, our vehicle storage is perfect as it provides the safest and most convenient way to keep your prized possession in a home away from home. Classic cars not your style either? Many of our customers simply need to store their vehicles if they are going away on holiday or spending a bit of time abroad. Storing a car for a long period of time can be damaging if it is not kept in the right conditions, so it makes sense to have your vehicle stored by the people who care.

Our storage spaces are great for:

- Caravans
- Sail Boats
- Trailers
- Ski Boats
- Fishing Boats
- Vintage Cars
- Trucks
- Four Wheel Drives
- Mobile Homes
- Kayaks
- Wave Skis