Warehouses Security and Access

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Private and secure with 24 hour access

You are not in a shared warehouse, each unit is locked with your own lock. You keep the key.
Access is controlled with a P.I.N. and activity is monitored with Digital CCTV surveillance.
We offer multiple P.I.N. capablity which means you can customise access to your units with individual codes for each employee. 
Enjoy unlimited access every day 24 hours. 

Access Control Systems

Sophisticated computer controlled access systems are installed. This system only allows Kennards customers onto the property.

Each customer is given a unique P.I.N. which identifies and authorises entry through the main gates. Providing 24hr/ 7 day a week access.  

Closed Circuit Surveillance

Kennards enterprise spaces are equipped with Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems.

Each camera is strategically placed (mounted) to record all movement in areas of high activity.
These digital recording images are retained for an extensive period.

Private and Exclusive

Your warehouse is locked and you keep the keys. 

No one else can enter the office, giving you peace of mind.  

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