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Keep your vehicle off the street

Keep your recreational vehicle in our open storage space yard area. This keeps it off the street and away from the general public, and help protect it from damage. Boat Storage, Caravan Storage, Camper Storage, Car Storage, Trailer storage, Motorcycle Storage, can all be accommodated in our open spaces. 

Most of our centres enjoy 24 hour access. This means that you do not have to manipulate your time to our hours when you need access, you can come any time that suits you.


Unit Size Guide

Need help figuring out how much storage your require? Browse units by size.

Range of storage options

Perfect for car storage, boat storage, motorhomes and caravan storage or any other recreational vehicle that you own and need to store. Enjoy the flexibility of coming and going when you please with convenient 24/7 access using your own personal pin code.

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