Premium and Excess


Premium and Excess

Your Excess
An excess is the amount you must pay each time you make a claim. The policy is subject to a minimum excess of $100.

QBE Insurance (International) Limited

Calculate Your Premium
The Premium for the insurance is only:
- $1.50 per thousand dollars of value (per month). For example $20,000 of cover will cost only $30 per month.
- It is simply added to your rent and paid monthly when you pay for your space. If the premium is not paid, the insurance cover ceases. 

How to Take Out Insurance
Simply opt-in by signing in the box on our Storage Agreement when you move-in to accept the insurance, read the Product Disclosure Statement and complete the Application Form.

In Case of a Claim
Claims must be made at the time of discovery of loss or damage. Claim forms should be collected from our Centre Manager. All negotiations are made directly with the insurance company.

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